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August 21, 2019 Arboath, Scotland

There were many hot dishes with out breakfast this morning.  That seemed more common in Scotland than elsewhere.

We took a taxi back into Inverness and caught the train to Arbroath on the east coast of Scotland and outside of Edinburgh.  The train ride followed the shoreline.  We passed through Aberdeen.  Wish I could have picked up something for my sister in Aberdeen, SD. 

Arbroath was recommended by a Canadian friend of ours, Kaye Leslie.  Her family is Scottish and she has been here a couple times.  It was the perfect small town on the coast.  We wish we would have planned more days here. 

I found a B&B called the Old Brewhouse.  It dates back to the 1600’s.  The main floor has the charm of a gasthaus in Germany.  But the second floor (they call first floor) has been completely updated with modern rooms.  I highly recommend it. 

 We enjoyed lunch at the hotel.  Dave had to try the Cullen Skink soup.  It had smoked haddock and prawns in it.  Yummy.  He also had the Arbroath Smokie which was haddock smoked in the traditional way in Arboath.  I had a great Steak and Ale Pie. 

 After lunch we enjoyed a walk along the harbor and looked at boats in the marina.  Back at the room, we made plans for the end of our “bucket list”, Greece. 

Bellrock Lighthouse

fish traps of some sort.  not sure if there is lobster or crab here

where you get your Smokies
We walked a few blocks inland and found a nice Italian restaurant for dinner.
This was our last night in Scotland.  After seeing my Facebook Post, a friend (Lorraine Himrich) shared this with us about her favorite Scotch.  “I always enjoy the McOneinFrontofMe, followed with O’IllHaveAnother, but the best has to be the one that is shared.  However, not sure if there is enough Scotch whisky of any kind to make me ever try haggis again!”  Which she did with us many years ago.  We will be back!!  Caledonia is calling me.

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