Thursday, January 16, 2020

July 24, 2019 touring Gray, France

We decided to spend the day in Gray.  Torben, AnneMarie and I headed into town to pick up bread and cheese for breakfast.  This is one of the best memories, getting fresh bread everyday.  After breakfast, we took the bicycles and toured the town. 


We visited a prehistoric exhibit of France in a local museum and a church that was built between 1478 and 1560. 

love the tile roof

such old buildings!

we saw several churches with chairs verses pews

such intricate work

Statue of St Teresa, my mother's name
We spent time in the air-conditioned grocery store to get out of the heat.  We were amazed at all the different pâté.  We bought rabbit and boar wrapped in a pastry.

loved the grocery stores

notice the Harley Davidson emblem on the barrel

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