Wednesday, October 16, 2019

July 1-8, 2019 Week at the marina with Pete

On Monday, July 1, we flew back to Georgia.  Uneventful flights.
Spent Tuesday regrouping and orienting Pete to the boat and marina.  I even got him into a card game on game night.

On Wednesday, we drove to Green Cove Springs.  We were able to register our dinghy, as mentioned earlier.  We were able to get all of Pete’s packages into the Dodge Caravan that we rented.
The marina had a July 4th lunch on Thursday.  They provided hot dogs, hamburgers, and the fixings.  The boaters filled in the rest with an awesome potluck.  That night, the city fireworks were right across the water from our marina.  I love the reflection of fireworks on the water. 

We spent time at the storage unit on Friday.  Dave and I sorted through things that could be organized or given away.  Pete went through the totes we have been storing since 2012 and emptied a few.  We unpacked his boxes and decided what could be stored and what needed to be available for him to access as needed.  We were all very proud to still have room to spare in the storage unit. 
There was a crab fest in the park next to the marina on Saturday.  We had to have lunch at the food trucks.  We delivered several things to Goodwill.  That made room in the van to find a bicycle for Pete, his mode of transportation for now. 

On Sunday, we had a play day.  After church, we drove to St Simon’s Island.  We had a late lunch at Iguana’s, our favorite restaurant.  They really know how to cook shrimp.  A walk on the pier and the beach always rejuvenates our souls. Pete loved the ocean breeze. 
On Saturday and Sunday, Dave reviewed several things on the boat with Pete that needed to be maintained while we are away.
On Monday, we finished packing and tied up loose ends.

June 28-30, 2019 Weekend in Minneapolis

Friday, Sat, Sun, June 28-30
We drove to Minneapolis after saying good-bye to Alice.  We met Dave’s niece, Dena and family for lunch at an all you can eat sushi restaurant.  Yummy!  Always nice to see them.  Then we went to Joe and Erin Clausen’s for the weekend. 
Malachi, Dena, Julianna and her friend
Pete and I spent time on Saturday looking for sandals for him in the area.  He had been wearing size 14 just to get the width he needed.  Most stores carried up to 13.  We finally found a store especially for big and wide feet.   He is actually a size 12 EEEEEE. 
We had dinner at the Clausen’s with Joe’s brother and mother.  
Always fun to hang out with the Clausen’s before flying out.

June 26,-27 2019 Bayfield, WI and Madeline Island

Wednesday, June 26
Today we drove to Bayfield, WI and Madeline Island in Lake Superior.  Debbie, Dean, David and Cindy in one car,  Dave, Alice, Peter and I in the another.  We arrived early, so we found a smoked fish shop and had a snack on their deck outside.  Our fingers smelt great all day.  Then we all met for lunch before taking the ferry to Madeline Island.  On the island, a few people rented scooters, others toured the island by car.  Then we all met at Tom’s Burnt Down Cafe.  I guess this place burnt down years ago.  They put up tents and kept it going.  Crazy place.  It was a 2 1/2 hour drive back to Cumberland watching for deer the entire way.  It was great to see “big water” and sailboats.



Thursday, June 27
We spent the day with Alice then had a bratwurst feed at her apartment.  Louie’s local meat market has all kinds of brats and fixings.  Have to go there at least once.

June 22-25, 2019 Cumberland,WI and Forrest Lake, MN

Saturday, June 22
We left SD for Wisconsin this morning.  Dave’s mom lives in Cumberland, WI.  We arrive there in time for ribs at his Alice’s.  Dave’s sister, Debbie, stopped by to say hello.  We turned in early at the Island Inn hotel.
Sunday, June 23
We had a nice spaghetti dinner at Debbie’s.  Besides Debbie and Alice, Debbie’s son and wife, David and Cindy, were there, and Dean, Dave’s brother, and Randy, Debbie’s SO.
Monday, June 24
Pete and I went to Rice Lake, WI, about 20 minutes away, to ship the last of his belongings.  We also went to see the new Aladdin movie with Will Smith as Aladdin.  We really enjoyed it.  We both felt like Pete was 10 years old again.  Lots of memories.

Tuesday, June 25
The family all gathered at the Lakeside Restaurant for breakfast together.  Then Pete and I drove to Wyoming, MN to see my college friend, Stephanie Larson Stec.  Pete was about to get an appointment at her dental office to have his teeth examined and cleaned.  No cavities!! 
Then we helped Stephanie plants and products from their apple farm to take to a Farmer’s Market in Forest Lake.  We helped her and a friend set up, helped great people for awhile, ate at the food trucks, and headed back before dark.  Another fun day!

Dean, Alice, Pete

Dave, Debbie, Dean, Alice
Pete, David, Cindy

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

June 17-21, 2019 Rapid City and Aberdeen, SD

Sunday, June 16After church with my siblings, Dave and I drove to Rapid City, SD to see our son, Peter.  He wasn’t able to attend the party in Pierre.  We had a small pizza party at our hotel room with some of our sailor friends that knew we were in town.  The main reason for being here was to see Pete, so we were trying to lay low. 
a new victim for Dave to train

Kyle, Kaden and Morgan Killion Wehrle

Mary, Marlene, Tami, Jackie, Tracy
 Monday, June 17
Pete joined us for breakfast then we spent the day driving through the beautiful Black Hills.  Pete spent the night with us at the hotel.  After some long discussions about life in Rapid City, he decided to move to Georgia with us.  He can spend the summer on the boat while we are away and decide if he wants to make it a permanent change to a new location.

Dave, Mary, Pete at Lake Pactola

stopped for a favorite

homemade pizza rolls

Saw these in SD at a  gas station/truck stop
Tuesday and Wednesday June 18-19
We borrowed a pick up from a friend and spent the day loading his belongings, sorting to keep, give away or toss. 
Thursday, June 20
My Friday morning coffee girlfriends were able to get together today to meet at Black Hills Bagels once more.  We met at 6:30 am, as usual.  Then we took off for Aberdeen and my sister Janice’s home.  Pete drove his car there to determine where to sell it.

coffee girls-seated Marge, Barb and Tracy, standing Mary, Yvonne and Connie
We stopped in Pierre just in time to catch Don, Linda and their grand daughter Memphis as they were heading to a program and lunch at the Senior Center in Pierre.  We made it to Aberdeen in time for my 3:00pm appointment with my knee doctor.  This was my one plus year follow up after my knee replacements in 2018.  All looked good.
We had a fun dinner with local relatives, including my sister Bev from Oklahoma.  Marie Crawford made a “cream can dinner”.  She put a steamer in the bottom of then can, then layered potatoes, corn, onions, cabbage carrots and sausage in the can.  She poured in 3 beers and put the can over the burner for a turkey fryer.  It cooked for 2 hours and was delicious.  Through out the evening, we made arrangements with an employee of our nephew-in-law to sell Pete’s car!  My dad always called that “good old American Know Who”.

concert for me and my sisters
 Friday, June 21
We had planned to leave for Wisconsin today, but had to finalize things for Pete.  Dave and Pete went to the UPS store to ship his belongings to our mail service in Florida.  Janice and Jim pitched in and helped clean out his car.  Can’t thank them enough. 
My good friend, Nancy Sundstrom, came over from Groton to visit, which got me out of some of the work. (thanks Nancy).  Then we had a nice dinner of SD ribeye steaks and fresh garden asparagus. 

Monday, July 8, 2019

June 13-15, 2019 50th wedding anniversary in Pierre, SD

Thursday, June 13
We flew from Brunswick to Minneapolis today.  We arrived about 5:00pm, picked up a rental car and headed to Aberdeen, SD.  As we left the city, we changed plans and went directly to Pierre, SD.   My oldest brother and his wife were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. 

Friday, June 14
We had a “party bus” pick us up at our hotel, along with all my siblings and spouses.  The bus had stopped at my brother’s to pick up his family and a couple relatives.  We went to the Cattleman’s Club restaurant for dinner.  We had amazing prime rib.  We miss SD beef. 
Then we all rode the bus to the Oahe Dam on the Missouri River.  There we had a champagne toast and watched the sun set on the river.
Some of us continued the party at the American Legion which was on the Missouri River, but in town.  Beautiful setting.

fun family

Dave, Don, Bev

Bobby and Sherri, Brad and Katie, Glen and Heidi-Don and Linda's daughters with. husbands

Dave always has a story for Garrett and Claire

must be the kid's table

my brother Don with all the women in his life-Sister Bev, grand daughter Memphis, wife Linda, daughters Katie and Sherri,grand daughter Claire in front,  back-sisters Mary and Janice, sister-in-law Barb, daughter Heidi

dancing on the bus

illegal champagne off of the bus

Memphis checking out the river

daughters giving toasts and having fun
Saturday, June 15
Today there was an open house at the Senior Center from 2-4 for Don and Linda’s 50th anniversary.  Great to see some of our relatives, Linda’s relatives, and family friends.  Then mostly family went to Don and Linda’s home for a catered BBQ dinner.
Memphis and Dave playing
Zeller cousins, Joe and Gail Zeller, Tom Zeller, Carol Zeller
the kids-Garrett Crawford, Dave, Jaxon Zeller-Thorson, Memphis Murphy, Claire Crawford
Siblings Don, Bev, Jerry, Janice, Mary in chronological order
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Don and Linda, Bev, Jerry and Barb, Janice and Jim, Mary and Dave

Fun weekend!  The last thing Memphis said was "I got this Aunt Heidi!"