Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 15-17, 2015 SD and MN

Sunday, Nov 15
Today I joined another friend for church and lunch.  Chelle Foley Hart and I met about 25 years ago at Ski for Light.  She is visually impaired and I was her cross country ski guide at Ski for Light in the Black Hills.  We skied together for about 10 years.  She has been married to a great guy, Steve, for about 10 years.  Chelle’s father joined us, too.  It was fun seeing them again.
selfie of Steve, Chelle and me
Me and Chelle with Jack, their Jack Russel Terrier and Beagle mix

This evening, Lori came to Sheryl’s for dinner.  A friend of Sheryl’s that we have known also joined us, Claudia.  Sheryl grilled steak and salmon and vegetables for us.  Then we had fun just visiting.  I was able to “recharge my girlfriend batteries” this weekend. 
Me with Lori and Sheryl

Monday Nov 16
I drove back to MN today.  One of Alice’s grand daughters wanted to take us out to dinner before Alice moved.  We met her and her 12 year old son downtown for and early dinner.  Her husband had a cold, so he wasn’t allowed to come.  She didn’t want Alice getting sick while she was moving. 

Tonight, I went with Alice to her choir practice at her church.  She wasn’t going to go, since she was moving, but a member called and asked her to come.  A member brought yummy pumpkin muffins to share and visit after practice.  She had many good friends here and will be missed.

Tuesday, Nov 17
This is it.  We tucked up lots of loose ends today.  We want to be able to just load and go tomorrow. 

November 13 & 14, 2015 SD road trip

Friday, Nov 13
We spent the day doing some shopping.  Sheryl had an appointment at 3:30, so he dropped me off downtown to browse.  Then we met for an early dinner at a new restaurant, McKenzie River.  Just a fun “girlfriend day”.

Saturday, Nov 14
This morning at 7:00, another girlfriend, Lori Landgrebe Schneller, picked me up and we drove to Miller, SD, our hometown.  It is about a 3 hour drive, so we enjoyed visiting while on the ride there and back.  Lori’s 93 year old mother still lives there in an apartment.  And Lori’s sister, Jody, lives nearby on a farm outside of Highmore.  So she met us for lunch. 

In the afternoon, I visited my 99 year old aunt Dorothy Zeller.   She is living in a nursing home in Miller.  When I told her who I was, she nodded and said hello, but not sure if she really knew who I was.  I brought an old picture of her with my mother and their other sister to show her.  Right away she said “that’s me and my sisters”.   My mother passed away in 1994, but Dorothy asks about her occasionally wondering why she hasn’t visited her.  And she didn't know her sister, Julie, last September.  So I am glad I shared the photo with her.

After we returned to Sioux Falls, we went to another movie, “the Intern”.  Lori said she doesn’t get to movie’s very often either.  We really enjoyed it.

my mother, Teresa and sisters Julie and Dorothy in about 1993

selfie of my aunt Dorothy and me

November 11 and 12, 2015 Moving plans and SD trip

Wednesday, Nov 11
Thank you to Dave and all the Veterans for serving our country.

We ended up going back to my brother Jerry’s to sleep last night.  So this morning we left for LeSueur, MN to see Dave’s mom.  Her husband of 40 years passed away about a year ago.  So she has decided to move to Cumberland, WI to be near her daughter, Debbie.  She thought she would move in June, but an apartment opened up that she could get into right away.  So  we spent some time today talking through the options of when to move.  She could get into her new apartment next week, so we lined up a U-Haul truck and plan to just “get ‘r done” next week while we are available to help. 

She had a lot of things packed already.  So today we spent time going through all the logistics of making the move.  Looking at the weather, we decided on next week Wednesday to load and drive to Wisconsin.  Alice called several people from her church that had offered to help her move.  So we have a ‘bucket brigade” lined up for Wednesday, November 18.  We hope some of them are younger than her. 

Thursday, Nov 12
We were invited out to lunch with a friend of Alice’s that wanted to say good-bye.  Alice and I went to visit Alice’s insurance agent before lunch.  She had to transfer her medical, car and renter’s insurances.  So many things to think of. 

After a nice lunch, I drove 3 hours to Sioux Falls, SD.  I have a couple girlfriends there from my hometown that I wanted to visit.  I stayed with Sheryl Gerdes Bedard.  We have been friends since 1st grade. 

We went to see the movie “the Martian” tonight.  I don’t get to go to the theater often, so it was a treat.  And the movie was good.

November 10, 2015 MN dental patient and cancer patient

We went to Dave’s dental appointment this morning at Linden Hills Dentistry.  The 3 dentists there were all classmates of mine at the University of Minnesota.  He had a crown impression for his implant.  And since he didn’t have to be anesthetized, we went out for lunch at Lilia right next door.  Dave’s brother, Dean, joined us for lunch. 

We spent about an hour running around Mpls looking for a switch that we need on our boat.  No luck.  The switch is a round rocker switch.  We have about a dozen of them on our boat in small light fixtures.  And they are starting to go bad.  They are referred to as reading lights.  Beneteau doesn’t make that switch or the light fixture anymore.  So to replace them, it will cost about $80 each.  Dave found a similar switch at Radio Shack, but he will have to enlarge the metal hole that they fit into.   Dave has seen metal shavings rust on the fiberglass after he thought he had cleaned everything.  So I offered to hold the shop vac next to where he will be working.  See, I can actually help.

About mid afternoon, we went to Dave’s niece’s home in Bloomington.  Her kids were just getting home from school.  We visited with them awhile, then Dena called from the hospital where she is receiving her cancer treatment.  So we drove there and had a great visit with her during her chemo and radiation treatment.  We showed Dena and her nurse an app on your phone called Nevasic.  It can help with motion sickness an a boat, but can also be used for other types of nausea.  So it may be helpful for patients that are nauseous after chemo treatment.  It creates sounds that change something in your inner ear. 

Dena actually felt pretty good today, so we really had a nice visit for a couple hours.  She has been through a lot.  She is 36 and had a radical hysterectomy.  When they removed some lymph nodes in her groin area, it damaged some nerves.  So she had to go through weeks of physical therapy to be able to walk again.  Then she had a blood infection that just about killed her.  She is a real trooper.  She has 3 beautiful children age 12, 14  and 17.  And her x-husband is going through cancer treatment, too.   She has a great network of friends helping her through this.  And her mother, Dave’s sister, is about 2 hours away and has helped as needed, too.  So if you are inclined to pray for people in need, add her and her family to your list.

November 9, 2015 Delta flight to MN

We woke up to heavy rain this morning.  So we covered our suitcases with garbage bags, since they were cloth, collapsible bags.  By the time we took our bags off the boat, up the dock, and loaded them in the car, we were both wet.  The street even had standing water. 

So once we got to the airport, we changed clothes and put our wet clothes into the garage bags.  I have never had to sit in wet clothes all day in an airplane and figured it would be pretty uncomfortable.  Then we decided to put all of our clothes into the garbage bags in case our suitcases sat outside before they were loaded.  This Delta plane was too small to take our carry on bags with us. 

We made it into MN with no glitches, picked up our rental car, and headed to my brother Jerry and his wife Barb’s home in Minneapolis.  We all went out for an awesome Italian dinner at Pizza Luce’s.  We could walk there, which was awesome.  We enjoyed the 60 degree weather. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 8, 2015 choir and boat parts, Brunswick, GA

I was planning to use Gary’s car to go to church this morning.  Dave gave me a ride so he could get a couple more things ready for our storage unit.  Time to say good-bye to the bicycles.  

Before mass today, one of the choir members wanted a group photo.  That worked out great because it was my last day today.  I was the only alto singing that part in 3 songs.  I have really enjoyed singing with them.  And I know I will be welcome back anytime.

one of the men was cut off and one was taking the picture
beautiful stained glass behind us
orgnaist/director and his set up.  He plays an organ and has music recorded.  There is a TV monitor so he can see the alter with his back to it. 

Dave picked me up and we ran a couple errands.  He was looking for washers for the shower at the stern of the boat outside.  We also went to the storage unit.

When we returned to the boat, Dave continued with a project he started yesterday.  The stern shower has a cover over the on/off/hot/cold control and one where the hose is stored.  Those covers were flimsy and needed replacing.  Dave had ordered new, sturdier covers.  They include a cover with a recessed cup to house the controls or the head of the shower.  He started yesterday with replacing them, but found out the new ones were larger.  He decided decided to finish this project when he returns from MN but before we go to the Bahamas.  In the process of doing this, he found that the washers were worn and could have started leaking at any time.  And there were only single hose clamps on the hoses.  There are generally double hose clamps on anything with water or poop on the boat.  You don’t want any surprises.  We had extra clamps, but he picked up new washers today.  The pre made hole in the washer was smaller than what we had before.  Dave calls it “eco-friendly”.  So he took a punch and made the hole bigger.  We don’t care to have just a dribble when we shower outside.  He ordered the parts through Defender, a great company for boat parts, a chandlery.  The parts were actually from Sweden, Scandvik. 

kind of looks like a toilet, doesn't it?
It rained most of the day, but Dave scrubbed the deck anyway.  He wanted at least this layer off of the boat before it sits for a month.

I finished packing and worked on this blog.  Ricardo also tried to help me figure out why I don’t have ads showing up yet.  Not sure it’s working yet.  Then he joined us for an early dinner.  Dave spent some time checking systems before we leave the boat for a month.  He ran the generator, cleaned the raw water screens, closed through hulls/sea cocks that won’t be needed in the morning (generator, engine and the shaft). 

We couldn't get the Packer game on TV here in Georgia or the radio.  So we watched the play by play updates on the computer while Ricardo was here.  He does’t understand the game, therefore he thinks it is boring.  And watching the delayed plays posted on a computer screen was crazy in his mind.  It was a sad loss for Green Bay.

To bed early and off to the airport in the morning.  

November 7, 2015 Boat flag Brunswick, GA

Today Dave spent time on rope maintenance.  He sealed the ends of the lines and tied them up neatly.  Ready to set sail when we return form MN.  He had picked up some rope for free, so that instigated this project.  There is an area in the club house where people can leave things they don’t want.  He also picked up 2 DeWalt batteries and brought them back to the boat to charge.  And they worked just fine.  We use them in our shop vac and in the cordless drill and jigsaw.  Great find!

It gets dark about 5:30 now.  Dave went out as it was getting dark to unfurl our main sail and drop it so he could place tell tales on the leech of the sail.  He used ribbon that Cheryl had wrapped around a gift for us.  The tell tales flutter in the wind.  And when they are flying straight back, the sail is set in a good position.  There is a good channel of wind between the sails.  You watch for other angles of the tell tale for different situations. 

I forgot to mention earlier about the gift Cheryl brought us.  Dave has always liked seeing a long streamer from the top of the mast.  We pointed one out to Cheryl when we were in the Bahamas last winter.  So she made us one.  Now we have to figure out how to attach it and see if it gets tangled in the main sail as we furl it.  And she wants to see a picture of it flowing back 20 feet (which I am sure will be in the blog).  It will be pretty cool if we get it all together.  Thanks Cheryl. 

Today we pulled back our bed mattress to get to the storage space under it closest to the bow.  I packaged all of the company bedding and shrunk them with the vacuum.  We placed them in storage and took out our winter clothes for our MN trip.  I spent some time packing so we can watch football tonight and tomorrow. 

We had a great pesto shrimp spaghetti dinner.  Didn’t want to take the chance of that shrimp spoiling in the freezer while we were gone.  Then we went up to the club house to watch #4 ranked Alabama beat #2 ranked LSU.  Great game.  ROLL TIDE!!!!

November 6, 2015 New German friends at Brunswick Landing Marina, GA

I was the net controller for our cruiser’s net this morning for the last time.  The 3 main controllers are leaving by next week, so it may not continue.  We left a copy of the script at the office if anyone shows an interest, but we haven’t found any volunteers to continue it.  It has been a good way to buy or sell equipment or help each other out with services. 

Dave continued to sew and I updated this blog.  I was at the club house because there was a better wifi connection.  And Dave wanted me off of the table so he could sew.  About 5:00 several people gathered for happy hour, so I joined them.  Dave eventually joined us.  We met a “transient” sailor whose boat is on our dock for only 2 nights (hence the term transient).  He was German but has lived in Miami and Dubai and now Brazil working in banking and real estate investments.  He is now married to a Brazilian and has learned Portuguese.  So Ricardo enjoyed visiting with him, too. 

Andy's catamaran sailboat was used as a display model at the Annapolis boat show in October.  It was a Maverick 440 and was made in South Africa.  I think he said there are only 4 of them in the world.  They are making one every couple years.  Very nice.  He has sailed for years, but is new to the cruising life.  So we shared several tips with him.  He especially wanted his wife to read the book I suggested, Changing Course, which interviewed women about choosing to live aboard.
He had 3 men from Germany with him as crew.  They all seemed to be about 30 years old.  They all enjoyed my jokes with a southern accent and Dave’s Ole and Lena jokes with a Norwegian accent.  New audience every week with transient boaters. 

I took this one through my beer goggles, Janna, Nina and Gary had an OK connection.  Andy and Dave the German connection.

better photo taken by Andy. 
Andy wanted to see our screens for "no see'um's".  Then wanted a picture for his wife

November 5, 2015 Helping others in Brunswick Landing Marina, GA

This morning, another sailing couple came to our boat to look at something on our engine.  They were rebuilding their’s.  Then we went to their boat.  While the guys talked boats, Paula showed me the dried foods they order.  The company is Northbay Trading Company out of Wisconsin.  Lots of fruits and vegetables that would be much better than canned.  Even celery and bananas, which you can’t get in a can.  We’ll have to check into that. 

Dave and neighbor, Jim, helped Ricardo put his new boom on his boat.  He had to wait for the right fittings for the mast.

Ricardo, Jim and Dave
Happy Ricardo
 Bob and Vicki want me to send their back pack to the Miami Beach post office, general delivery.  So I went to the marina office to find a box or advice on a package store.  They had a champagne box that worked just right with lots of taping.  At the post office, they said you can’t have any reference to a liquid on the outside of the box.  Never knew that.  But they gave me a black magic marker and let me black out everything.  Good deed done!

I found one pillow case that goes with the set that needs to be stored.  So I decided to do our laundry, too.  Before leaving the boat, I started a pork roast and put it in our Wonderbag.  That is the bag that cooks like a crockpot with no power.  Love it. 

So we had an awesome pork dinner tonight.  We were concerned about leaving it in the freezer while we are gone to Minnesota.  You never know if we might lose power.  Of course I will have to refreeze some of it now that it’s cooked.  Hopefully that will also help prevent freezer burn. 

I went to the Thursday night movie in the marina.  They randomly choose DVD’s weekly.  This week was “Serena” with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradly Cooper.  It was a dark romance.  Not sure I’d recommend it.  But they have had great movies this summer that we have enjoyed.

November 4, 2015 Good-byes at Brunswick Landing Marina, Brunswick, GA

Sailor Gary was flying out today to California.  We realized a few weeks ago that Dave and he will be on the same flight when they come back in December.  He has a BMW here at the marina.  So he let me drop him off at the airport and use his car until we leave on Monday.  Like my dad always said “good old American Know Who”.   Then we’ll leave it at the airport, and it will be there when they return.

Today Dave sewed and I did the bedding and towel laundry.  We need to store the guest bedding and pull out the winter clothes this week.  Dave decided that the marina is eating all of his “brain zincs”.

Vicki and Bob left from our dock today.  Vicki sat on the dock with us to say a few more good-byes while Bob showered.  Later that day, we realized the back pack that had been sitting on the dock for a few hours was theirs.  We took it to our boat and called them.  We are going to send it to them, but they will call tomorrow with the details.  Bummer!
Benito came by to say good-bye to Vicki and Bob.  He will be in the Ben Affleck movie captaining a 1930's Criss Craft boat

At happy hour today, the dock master, Sherry, had a special champagne toast to Rhonda and Bruce from dock 8.   They are leaving in the morning.  They went out of their way to help with any social function this summer.  And Rhonda was instrumental in planning several social events.  We will  miss them.
Bruce and Rhonda Little with Sherri the dock master in the middle

November 3, 2015 SailRite sewing machine, Brunswick, GA

We had the rental car for one more day.  So we ran errands all day.  First we went to our storage unit.  We think it will be real handy having it here.  We took more things there that we won’t need over the winter, but can get next summer, if need be. 

Then I dropped Dave off at Home Depot while I ran to Walmart.  We had a late lunch and headed back to the marina. 

Dave wanted to start restitching our bimini and dodger.  So I took off shopping a little longer and returned the car.  This evening, 6 boaters decided to go to see “Bridge of Spies” at the theater starring Tom Hanks.  It was an excellent movie.  And going to the theater is a treat when you don’t have a car.  My supper was popcorn!

After we returned, Vicki, Rhonda and I played triominos.  Vicki is the one that introduced us to the game and she was leaving in the morning.  They sold their boat and the new owners were taking possession on Wednesday. 

We shared a couple shots of Rumchata and Horchata between rounds.  It is strange saying goodbye to friends that we have spent the summer with.  But in the cruising world, it’s possible to cross paths again.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

November 2, 2015 Movie set, sailing and good-bye Brunswick, GA

This morning, Cheryl and I went downtown to watch the filming of the movie.  It was cool to watch, but we were’t close enough to see anyone famous.  I guess later that morning people had their picture taken with Ben Affleck.  They had covered the streets with dirt and there were several old cars from the 20’s-30’s.  We could see the big lights, but I didn’t actually see any cameras.  We did hear them yell “roll”.  We were near the Mercado-grocery store.  The fruit outside the building was fake, but the fruits & vegetables along the street were real.  Fun to look at the details. 

After we returned to the boat, we went out for a sail.  We could tell right away that the autopilot was finally working right!!  Yeah!!!  Moving the gyroscope away from the generator was the ticket.  We had a great view of a few shrimp boats going out and coming in. 

Mary Ross Park next to the marina.  Many people think my name is Mary Ross

 We made it back to the marina in time to get a late lunch at our favorite Mexican Tienda with the Taqueria.   Cheryl liked the horchata drink (and now they make a rum horchata similar to Rumchata but with cinnamon).   Then it was off to the airport.  Cheryl’s visit went fast, but we did a little bit of everything we wanted to do.  And I beat her at cribbage!!

Gary/bachelor 1, Cheryl, Ricardo/bachelor 2

Friday, November 6, 2015

November 1, 2015 St Simon's Island, GA

I sang with the choir at church again.  Cheryl helped Ricardo with more sewing.

Dave still had some work to do on the boat before we could go for a sail.  So this afternoon, Cheryl, Ricardo and I drove out to St Simon’s island for a walk on the beach.  We had to get our feet in the water.  They also have a light house, but it was too late to tour it.  We went to a restaurant for a shrimp platter appetizer and crab bisque.

relocating the autopilot gyroscope

We returned to help Ricardo receive his new boom and take it to his boat.  If you didn’t read earlier, his boom broke in half.  Then we watched football and played triominos again.  That game is addicting.  Sadly, the Packers lost to the Broncos.


October 31, 2015 Halloween Brunswick, GA

Happy 41st anniversary of our first date on Halloween in 1974.  I got the trick and Dave got the treat!

This morning, Ricardo tried out his “new” dinghy.  He has been helping an older gentleman on our dock, so he sold him a dinghy with an outboard for $200.  The motor hadn’t been run in 2 years.  So he took Cheryl for a little “spin” this morning. 
Cheryl and Ricardo

Today Cheryl and I packed up the bikes and took them to Jekyll Island.  That is one of the Golden Isles of Georgia.  And it is a state park.  So you have to pay a $6 “parking fee” to enter the island.  We rode around part of the island on their excellent bike paths.  It was really cool to ride on a path inland from the sand dunes and be able to see the ocean and feel the ocean breeze as you ride along. 
Making Cheryl work on her vacation pumping tires
bike trail at the beach

Then we took the trolly tour of the island.  It was developed in the late 1800’s as a hunting club for wealthy people from the north to spend January, February and March.  There is a big hotel (that has it’s own tour) and several “cottages” that are huge houses.  The houses didn’t have kitchens because everyone was encouraged to have their meals in the hotel as part of the club. 
Jelyll Island hotel
one of the "cottages"

There are a few hotels and condos on the ocean side of the island.  So it would be an awesome place for a family gathering.  There are some shops and restaurants, but most of the island is park land.  St Simon’s island is another one of the Golden Isles, but it is a community and is also more touristy. 

After the tour, we sat outside at the Raw Bar and had seafood nachos and a beer.  We headed back to the marina in time to shower and attend the Halloween party. 

While we were gone, Dave worked on moving the gyroscope for the autopilot.  His new cord arrived this week.  Finding a place to mount the gyroscope that wouldn’t be affected by other magnetic pulls wasn’t easy.  You also have the diesel engine and wiring to work around.  He ended up putting it under the aluminum propane tanks, since they aren’t magnetic.  Again, just figuring out where to mount it took time.  Then moving things so he could mount it, then putting things away all took time.  Every job takes 3 times as long as you think it will. 

About half of the boaters came to the party in costume.  We kept it simple.  Dave put honey and oatmeal on his face.  Then he would act like he was picking a scab and eat them.  I wore black and wore an orange Halloween streamer.  Cheryl wore a green t-shirt that had a design of an elephant on it.  She was the “elephant it the room”.  Needless to say, we didn’t win any costume contests.  Sherry, the dock master, had people play a few games.  Then we ended up playing triominos with friends. 

October 30, 2015 St Augustne tourists

Dave had his VA annual check up today in St Augustine.  We left late morning for his 2:00 appointment.  Dave dropped us off downtown so we could be tourists for the day.  We walked around the fort, looked at the beautiful Bridge of Lions, and walked through the old streets and tourist trap area.  Then we went to the Flagler College for their 1:00 tour.  The Ponce de Leon hotel was built in the late 1800’s for wealthy Americans to spend the winter in Florida.  Now it is the property of Flagler College.  The dining hall was once the hotel’s restaurant/ball room.  It had the largest collection of Tiffany glass in the world.  Cheryl works with stained glass as a hobby, so she was particularly interested in this. 


Then we walked to a local distillery for a tour and tasting.  Dave had finished his appointment, so he joined us.  This distillery uses all local ingredients from Florida farms.  And what they don’t use goes back to them to feed their animals.  They are distilling rum, vodka, gin and bourbon.   But their first bourbon won’t be ready until later next year since it has to age in the barrels.  The St Augustine Distillery Company is housed in an old ice house.  They had an interesting display about how ice was harvested, and when it was first made.  In the earlier part of the 1900’s (maybe 40’s), research was done to find a way to cool off tuberculosis patients.  And this lead to making ice.  Once drinks were made with ice, no one wanted to go back to warm drinks.  Learn something new every day.

At the end of the tour, they had a tasting room.  They gave us a sample of their "Florida Mule".  A Moscow Mule is made with Russian Vodka.  They had their own mix, which you could buy here, also.  And we had a taste of Gin and Tonic.  They don't use tonic water.  They have a tonic syrup, which they sell, and they add soda water.  Then you could have a "neat" of vodka, gin and rum, which we did.  That's just a small taste, not a full shot.

They had a restaurant in the building, too.  It had good reviews online, so we decided to stay here to eat.  Plus there was free parking.  Parking in the old section of St Augustine is expensive, IF you can find a parking spot. 

We had a couple unique mixed drinks using their liquors.  We shared a couple appetizers-crab beignets and a bacon wrapped dates called “devils on horseback”.   Dave ordered their carrot ginger soup, which we had to taste-yummy.  Cheryl had their catch of the day-flounder.  I had  a stew with fish, shrimp, boudin sausage in a tomato base.  Dave had steak tartar and truffle french fries.  Then we shared a pistachio creme brule for dessert.  Everything was delicious!    But if was an uncomfortable 2 hour ride back to Brunswick being so full.  And Cheryl and I were beginning to have hang overs by now.  Cheryl wanted to treat us to dinner for providing her with a room and the transportation while she was visiting.  Thanks Cheryl!

bathroom in the ice house building

adult snow cone

October 29, 2015 SailRite Sewing machine, Brunswick, GA

In the morning, Dave and I thought the air conditioner had an odd sound to it.  We didn’t have it running when Cheryl visited in the Bahamas, so she didn’t know what was normal.  In my last minute cleaning and stuffing of things before Cheryl arrived, I put a plastic bag in front of the air conditioner controls.  Well that is the sensor, too.  So the air conditioner thought it was hot in here and was over working itself all night.  We tore apart Cheryl’s bed to look at the unit and it was iced up!  We shut it down to defrost.  I put some towels around it, but I’m sure we’ll have to clean water out of the bilge, too.

Dave, Cheryl and I went to Maggie May’s for breakfast.  It gave her a dose of “southern charm” right away.  But they were out of grits by the time we got there.  Then Cheryl and I walked around downtown Brunswick to see the movie set for the Ben Affleck movie “Live by Night”.  We stopped at the Farmer’s Market and the Marina office on our way back. 




After several weeks of debating and some late night online ordering, we ended up getting a SailRite sewing machine.  They are a heavy duty machine that can sew through sails and canvas.  It arrived today.  Cheryl used to own a fabric store and knows sewing machines.  So she had fun helping us set it up.  Ricardo was restitching his canvas by hand, so we tried out the machine on his bimini and dodger.  Who knew a sewing machine in a marina would be such a “guy magnet”.  There were all kinds of guys checking out the machine.  Everyone thinks about getting their own SailRite machine.  It can work with a hand crank if we don’t have power.  They have great support and you tube videos.  And they are used to helping people when they are outside of the USA. 

Dave had noticed that the stitching was bad in places on our canvas that is only 1.5 years old.  So he will restitch all of it before we leave for the Bahamas. 
Cheryl and Dave setting up the SailRite sewing machine

Dave posing as thought he is helping

I am actually helping

Gary photo bombing
the sewing machine is a guy magnet
Then Cheryl and I went to the shrimp boat docks and bought 3 pounds of shrimp that were caught that day.  They only had the large and they were $10/lb, shell on but heads removed.  Another boater joined us.  Then she told us about a Mexican grocery store that makes fresh tortillas daily.  So we went there to buy 32 corn tortillas for about $2.  They were made this morning, but they kept them warm in a cooler.  There were bags of fresh tortilla chips that were probably made from the day old tortillas. 
This is where we bought our shrimp.  Knight's Seafood

Back at the marina.  I cooked our fresh green beans from the market this morning and Cheryl did more sewing.  Then Dave sauteed the shrimp for us for a fantastic meal.