Friday, November 6, 2015

October 16-19, 2015 Life at BLM in Brunswick, GA

Oct 16
I spent the day on a bicycle tour of the town running errands.  First I went to the Family Dollar store on J street (I remember J is for junk).  I needed to buy a large envelope to mail in copies of my Continuing Education for my South Dakota Dental License.  We have to have 100 hours every 5 years.  We just log in the information online.  But you can be randomly audited to prove you have the hours.  I received notice of the audit back in September, but most of my information was in our storage unit.  So I spent time last night and this morning scanning the completion certificates into our computer.  Then printing them to send copies to SD. 

Then I headed to the Post Office to  mail them.  I stopped by a liquor store to pick up some creme de menthe for a cake I want to make this weekend.  Then I met some other boaters for happy hour down town.  But I was back to the boat in time for the marina happy hour at 5:00.  Crazy how that dictates your social life now a days. 

Dave spent most of the day sleeping, trying to feel better. 

Oct 17
Highlight of the day was watching Alabama college football team beat the Texas A&M Aggies.  Roll Tide!!

Sun Oct 18
I enjoyed singing with the choir again at the Catholic Church.  The weather was nice enough to ride bicycle.  There was a pot luck today at the marina.  I made my mother’s famous lemon cake.  The one where you drizzle the lemon icing over and into the cake.  Very moist and it was a hit.  There was a  Packers football game that started about 4:30, so we enjoyed the great meal with the game.

Monday Oct 19
Today I started sorting through some of our family photos that had been stored in the storage unit.  I think this is going to be a big undertaking.  I need to research how I want to store these old photos before I start scanning them.  Plus our Doxie Scanner is running slower than usual.  So we will need to update that also.  I think this will be a project for next summer.  But I enjoyed posting high school graduation pictures of my nieces. 
Sherri, Katie and Heidi, Linda and Don in back
 My brother Don, daughters Katie, Sherri, Heidi, and wife Linda

Don, Heidi, Katie, Sherri, and Linda
My son Pete and Me about 1995

Love this picture of my mom and her sisters about 1993 mom-Teresa Zeller, Julie Bowar, and Dorothy Zeller

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