Tuesday, November 19, 2019

July 12, 2019 Odense, Copenhagen

We had another awesome breakfast and took at taxi the train station by noon.  We traveled by train to Odense, about 2 hours west of Copenhagen.  We had lunch near the train station and a park while waiting to be pick up by AnneMarie. 

the Danish like their sandwiches open face
salmon salad

We met AnneMarie 2 years ago when she visited us in the Bahamas with Torben Holm (friends since he was an exchange student at the UofM with me in the 1980’s).  Torben met us at AnneMarie’s home along with his 3 adult children, Maria, Niels and Fia.  We had a wonderful flounder dinner outside in her beautiful yard. 

Niels, AnneMarie, Torben, Dave, Maria and Fia (Fifi)

AnneMarie's home

street view from our upstairs room

 Before we left Brunswick Landing Marina, we were talking to friends there about our visit.  Bjarne is from Denmark.  His wife, Deby, has lived there with him many years.  One of her good friends lived only a few blocks from where AnneMarie lived.  So I delivered a hand written note to her friend, actually to her son since she wasn’t home.  Small world. 

July 9-11, 2019 Copenhagen, start of B&B tour

July 9 Tuesday
Today we flew to Copenhagen to start our B&B tour of Europe.  That stands for Bucket list and Budget.  The original plan was to visit our friends in Denmark.  But we decided to extend the vacation/holiday.  We flew on Air Portugal to Lisbon.  They had awesome food.  We had a salmon dinner with free wine.  We had a breakfast sandwich with ham and brie cheese.

breakfast sandwich on the airplane with brie cheese
July 10 Wednesday
We arrived in Lisbon at 1:00am EST which was 6:00am local.  We had about an hour to run through customs and immigration and catch our flight to Copenhagen.  They were very good at moving people through to a short line if you had a connecting flight.
We arrived in Copenhagen at 11:30 am and took a taxi to the Admiral Hotel, which was suggested by our Danish friends.  We walked to the Nyhavn district along the harbor.  We found Dave’s favorite restaurant from about 15 years ago with a herring buffet, Nyhavns Færgekro.  Back to the room for naps.  Then we walked Stroget-the large walking street in Copenhagen.  We had a bite to eat, returned to the hotel for a beer and called it a day.

when the hotel was used for shipping
outside of hotel

some of the original structure


herring buffet
herring buffet

July 11 Thursday
We made ourselves get up for breakfast to get on the local time.  The breakfast was amazing!!  There were hot and cold meats, cheeses, etc.  All kinds of fruits and breads with a variety of condiments.  There was a couple kinds of yogurts with all the fixings.  There were two dining rooms set up to avoid crowds.  It was very very nice. 
After a nap, we took the subway to a mall to get a SIM card for our phone. We found out it would have been better to get one in the states before we left.  Everyone wanted a local address.  We ended up getting one SIM card that was only good in Denmark.  One interesting thing about their subway:  there were areas marked on the floor on either side of the door for the subway.  The people waiting stood in that area away from the door until everyone exited the subway.  Very efficient.
Back at the hotel, we walked along the harbor.  We saw the Little Mermaid statue from the Hans Christian Andersen tale.  Then we hiked around the Kastellet, the citadel.  It is one of the finest and most well-preserved fortresses in Europe.  It was built in the 17th century as part of the larger fortification ring that surrounded Copenhagen.  It houses Europe’s oldest in-use barracks, but Kastellet is primarily a green oasis and a historical place.   There were beautiful walkways around and within the citadel.  We had a great fish and chips dinner near the water before heading back to our hotel.

Another favorite of Dave's-a hot dog with all the fixings and chocolate milk.  the Pølse med ristet og cacao is sold at a wagon and the toppings include, ketchup, mustard, French fried onions, raw chopped onion, slices of pickled cucumber, and danish remoulade and lots of napkins
opera house in the background

boat on the far side of the dock had a dragon hull

the Little Mermaid
fountain outside the Kastellet

crossing the moat

St Alban's Anglican Church

original design

beautiful walking paths

awesome fish and chips

MERSK the Danish shipping company that owned the ship captured by Captain Phillips-made into movie with Tom Hanks.  Pete was also on one of their ships and passed Somalia shortly after that event while training with the Merchant Marines

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

July 1-8, 2019 Week at the marina with Pete

On Monday, July 1, we flew back to Georgia.  Uneventful flights.
Spent Tuesday regrouping and orienting Pete to the boat and marina.  I even got him into a card game on game night.

On Wednesday, we drove to Green Cove Springs.  We were able to register our dinghy, as mentioned earlier.  We were able to get all of Pete’s packages into the Dodge Caravan that we rented.
The marina had a July 4th lunch on Thursday.  They provided hot dogs, hamburgers, and the fixings.  The boaters filled in the rest with an awesome potluck.  That night, the city fireworks were right across the water from our marina.  I love the reflection of fireworks on the water. 

We spent time at the storage unit on Friday.  Dave and I sorted through things that could be organized or given away.  Pete went through the totes we have been storing since 2012 and emptied a few.  We unpacked his boxes and decided what could be stored and what needed to be available for him to access as needed.  We were all very proud to still have room to spare in the storage unit. 
There was a crab fest in the park next to the marina on Saturday.  We had to have lunch at the food trucks.  We delivered several things to Goodwill.  That made room in the van to find a bicycle for Pete, his mode of transportation for now. 

On Sunday, we had a play day.  After church, we drove to St Simon’s Island.  We had a late lunch at Iguana’s, our favorite restaurant.  They really know how to cook shrimp.  A walk on the pier and the beach always rejuvenates our souls. Pete loved the ocean breeze. 
On Saturday and Sunday, Dave reviewed several things on the boat with Pete that needed to be maintained while we are away.
On Monday, we finished packing and tied up loose ends.

June 28-30, 2019 Weekend in Minneapolis

Friday, Sat, Sun, June 28-30
We drove to Minneapolis after saying good-bye to Alice.  We met Dave’s niece, Dena and family for lunch at an all you can eat sushi restaurant.  Yummy!  Always nice to see them.  Then we went to Joe and Erin Clausen’s for the weekend. 
Malachi, Dena, Julianna and her friend
Pete and I spent time on Saturday looking for sandals for him in the area.  He had been wearing size 14 just to get the width he needed.  Most stores carried up to 13.  We finally found a store especially for big and wide feet.   He is actually a size 12 EEEEEE. 
We had dinner at the Clausen’s with Joe’s brother and mother.  
Always fun to hang out with the Clausen’s before flying out.

June 26,-27 2019 Bayfield, WI and Madeline Island

Wednesday, June 26
Today we drove to Bayfield, WI and Madeline Island in Lake Superior.  Debbie, Dean, David and Cindy in one car,  Dave, Alice, Peter and I in the another.  We arrived early, so we found a smoked fish shop and had a snack on their deck outside.  Our fingers smelt great all day.  Then we all met for lunch before taking the ferry to Madeline Island.  On the island, a few people rented scooters, others toured the island by car.  Then we all met at Tom’s Burnt Down Cafe.  I guess this place burnt down years ago.  They put up tents and kept it going.  Crazy place.  It was a 2 1/2 hour drive back to Cumberland watching for deer the entire way.  It was great to see “big water” and sailboats.



Thursday, June 27
We spent the day with Alice then had a bratwurst feed at her apartment.  Louie’s local meat market has all kinds of brats and fixings.  Have to go there at least once.