Saturday, March 25, 2023

August 3-6, 2022 Aberdeen, SD and Roth family reunion

8-3 I was able to get an appointment with the doctor that did my knee replacements in 2018 for a 3 year check up (1 year in 2019, now 3 year).  Our plan was to visit my niece, Heidi Crawford, and family,  But some of them were out of town.  So we had a nice relaxing few days to Janice and Jim’s before going to a Roth family reunion near Sisseton, SD.  

checking Janice's garden

We spent the day cleaning out our car and sorting through our belongings.  We had an oil change (much cheaper here than in Georgia), washed and vacuumed our car before repacking it.  We found out today that my Aunt Julie Bower from Faulkton, SD had passed away.  She was my mother’s last living sibling.  We have on aunt-in-law in Miller, SD, MayLou Schaefer Oakley.  If the funeral is before we leave for Dave’s family reunion, we wanted to attend.  Faulkton is about an hour’s drive from Aberdeen.  
8-4 Thursday Claire Crawford, Heidi’s daughter, was golfing in a tournament in Aberdeen, so we walked to course with Heidi and enjoyed watching her play.  He took 2nd place.  We went to Crawford’s farm that afternoon to enjoy their swimming pool.  We had pizza for dinner with the whole family.  Glen’s mother and Aunt, Marie and Doris, joined us.  I taught them how to play the card game 7’s.  Fun day with family!

Dave really wanted a seed corn hat.  Our great nephew,  Garrett, gave this to Dave

8-5 Friday I had coffee that morning with a grade school/high school classmate that lived in Aberdeen, Nancy Augspurger Carlson, at her home.  One of those friends that you feel like you never left.  We found out that Julie Bowar’s funeral was going to be on Monday, so we planned to go to Dave’s family reunion and return to Aberdeen for the funeral.  My brother, Jerry, from Minneapolis and cousins Vern and Ruth Schaefer from Maple Lake, MN planned to stay at Janice and Jim’s for the funeral.  Since J&J were in Sturgis, I washed bedding and towels to prepare for guests.  In the afternoon, Dave and I drove to Claire City, SD about 2 hours away, to join his family.   His mom Alice, brother Dean, sister Debbie and her “so” Randy were all staying at the Red Side Inn, as were we.  We all had dinner together at the only restaurant in town, Deano’s, which was very good.  

8-6 On Saturday, we all drove to New Effington for the reunion.  They have it every 3 years at the 4H building.  The last one we attended was when Pete was a little boy and Dave’s dad was still alive, around 1990.  They start with coffee and rolls about 9:30am.  There was lots of reacquainting and reminiscing.  There were about 40 people in attendance.  The lunch was prepared by several of the local relatives.  A donation is accepted to cover the cost, but they also hold a silent auction to cover expenses.  My Sturgis Rally t-shirt was a hit.  All of Dave’s aunts and uncles have passed away.  Alice, being an ex wife, was the only one in attendance from that generation.  She had spent many years with their family and enjoyed seeing everyone again, and they enjoyed seeing her.  Alice, Dean, Debbie and Randy have attended several of these reunions over the years.  We headed back to Claire City by late afternoon.  

Dean brought the cake

Marlys Roth Brooks, Alice, Dave Roth, Peggy Roth ..., , Debbie Roth Heise, Dean Roth

Dave and Alice saying goodbye
These next photos are from the last time we attended the Roth reunion.  Must have been 1988
Dave, Pete and Mary

siblings, Carl Roth, Dolly Roth Foster, Lyle "Bud" Roth, Dave's dad

Debbie, Dean, Bud and Dave

These were old family photos

Car, Kenneth, Joe Roth, Ina Roth, Dolly, Bud

Alice is standing back left, Bud seated with Dean on his lap, Dave on floor right side with Debbie in the middle on the floor

 I decided to drive to Sisseton for church on Saturday night.  It was about a 20 minute drive and I arrived at 5:25 to an empty parking lot.  The Saturday evening mass was in Rosholt, not Sisseton.  So I took off for Rosholt and arrived at 5:45.  Everyone stared at me because I was a stranger AND I  walked in 15 minutes late, but they were very welcoming.  Back in Claire City, we all went to Dean’s for dinner again. 

July 31- Aug 2, 2022 Rapid City, SD and the Black Hills

 7-31 Happy 67th birthday to Dave!  We were invited to Tom and Sharon Zeller’s for brunch today.  Their daughter Lysann, son, Marc, and friend, Amy joined us.  So did Tom’s sister, Carol, who lives in Rapid.  Then Janice and Jim showed up from Sturgis.  They didn’t want to miss the fun.  

I often see my cousin Carol when I look in the mirror

We left Zeller’s about 2:30 and headed to Hill City, SD.  Brian and Ana Maríe had their food truck, Pates Azules, at an event at the Miner’s brewery.  We made it as they were selling out of all their food.  Wonderful Ecuadorian food!  They closed up the truck and all of us went to the brewery for a couple beers and to visit.

the field downhill from the food truck is where the yoga event was held




We went back to John and Tami Petersen’s for pizza and ice cream.  I showed them how to play 7’s, the card game I had just learned.  

Dave's birthday ice cream

8-1 Monday. I met my “coffee girlfriends” at Black Hills Bagels this morning, Yvonne McCann and Marge Marken.  We used to meet here every Friday morning for years.  Loved catching up with them. 

Mary, Yvonne, and Marge

Dave and I had lunch at Gyro Hub, one of our favorites, but at a new location.  We saw Dr Jon Shaak at the restaurant.  He had been a former dental associate at my office that left on “bad terms”.  Dave gave him a piece of his mind.  He’s been wanting to do that for 15 years, but I made him behave while we still lived in Rapid City.  
We went through all kinds of hoops trying to get an out of state fishing license for Dave.  The online app wouldn’t sell him an out of state license because we still had a South Dakota phone number.  We stopped at Dakota Anglers and the Ace Hardware store.  We finally had to go to the Game Fish and Parks facility in Rapid City.  By time he had his license it was 1:30.  The one day license was only good for this calendar day, not 24 hours.  
We drove into the Hills and stopped at Rapid Creek below the Pactola dam.  It was a beautiful day!  I took a lawn chair and just enjoyed watching Dave and enjoying nature.  He was in heaven.  After catching and releasing a 17 inch trout, he was happy.




We went back to the Petersen’s and had Chinese for dinner and played more cards.  As we left Rapid Creek, we could see a fire had started.  It created a beautiful sunset from John and Tami's

over Pactola Lake

from John and Tami's deck

they have such a beautiful variety of trees in their neighborhood

smokey sunset

8-2 Before leaving Rapid City, we had breakfast at another favorite, the Colonial House.  Dave always teases or visits with our waitress wherever we go.  Today, Christa seemed familiar to me.  We figured out that she and her family had been patients of mine.  I watched her grow up until about 10 years ago.  Dave even remembered her dad, jolly fellow.  Another waitress was former patient who had married someone from Miller, my home town.  She was so glad I had said something and visited with her.  We also saw Bill Walsh as he was leaving.  He owned the Franklin Hotel in Deadwood all the years we were involved with Ski for Light.  It was the place to go to to see people and be seen.  
We spent the day driving to Aberdeen, SD.  We stopped in Kimball to eat at a little “drive in” that we liked.  It was 108 degrees!!  We stayed at Janice and Jim’s home, but they were in Sturgis for the Rally. 

July 25-30, 2022 Traveling to the Black Hills of SD

 7-25 We drove to Watertown, SD to see long time friends Tom and Lesa Franken.  We had dinner at Dempsey’s, a brewery.  Then we drove around Lake Kampeska, lots of changes since we lived here in the early 70’s.  We spent the night with Franken’s.  They always offer, but we are usually just driving through when we visit them.  

7-26 After a nice breakfast and more visiting, we drove to Miller in time to have dinner and beers with Joe and Gail Zeller.  We spent the night with them.  Always fun to visit.
7-27 we drove to Pierre and had a late breakfast pizza at Gater’s with Don, my brother.  We made it to Sturgis, SD by 5:00 and went to Janice and Jim Moore’s new home (sister and brother in law).  This is their second home, but someday be there only home when they are ready to leave Aberdeen.  Nice dinner and relaxed on the deck.  
7-28. Dave had been hungry for a roast, so he put one in the crock pot.  Then he made bread, cinnamon raisin and ciabatta.  Janice and I shopped second hand stores.  I found 2 capris in a smaller size to fit me.  I don’t want to spend full price on new pants because I plan to keep losing weight.  Then Janice, Toni and I went downtown Sturgis.  The Harley Davidson motorcycle rally starts this weekend.  I found a Sturgis t-shirt to take to a silent auction in SD for Dave’s family reunion.  Margaret and Toni (Jim’s sisters) joined us for the yummy dinner that Dave had made for us.  After dinner, I learned how to play a new card game called 7’s.  

sisters Mary and Janice

7-29 After breakfast, we packed up to go to Rapid City for a few days.  We met Scott and Marlene Dannenbring at JR’s BBQ on the northwest edge of Rapid.  I realized when I got out of the car that I had taken Janice’s sandals that were the same as mine.  So after lunch, the 4 of us drove back to Sturgis to exchange the sandals.  Back in Rapid, Dave and I stopped at the Harley Davidsons dealership to visit another friend.  Dik Dahlquist owns his own electrical company.  He manages all their electrical needs for the rally.  It’s amazing how many venders are set up and food stands.  
Our next stop was John and Tami Petersen’s.  They have been very gracious to let us stay with them in Rapid City.  We bought chicken dinner from Safeway for John and Tami,  Traci and Richard Perdue and Terry and Heather Spencer.  We wanted to buy chicken wings from Shooters, our favorite, but they were $3 a piece!!  We opted for cheap, but good.
7-30. We were invited to Harold and Juli Doerr’s new home for brunch today.  They moved to a “town home” in the Red Rocks development.  Always fun to visit with them.  I left Dave at Peterson’s and had lunch with girlfriends, Cheryl Ulmer and Jackie King.  Later that day, we picked up Safeway chicken and sides again and went to Brian and Ana Maríe Killion’s for dinner.  Their daughters and family joined us, Devyn Killion, Morgan and Kyle Wehrle, Kaden, Caren and Makenzie.  Great to see the whole family.  Ana Maríe’s mother was visiting from Ecuador.  We have known these girls since they were born.  Fun to see Morgan as a mommy of 3.  Such a happy family.  And Devyn has grown into a beautiful young woman.

Brian Killion with daughter Morgan Wehrle, and grand daughter MaKenzie

Dave with Kaden

July 18-24, 2022 Road trip to Wisconsin and Jimmy Buffett tailgate party

 July 18 We left for WI/SD/MN today by car.  We now have favorite restaurants and hotels along the way.  We stopped at Down Home BBQ south of Birmingham.  There ribs were great, but the brisket wasn’t as good as we remembered.  Stayed north of Birmingham at Fultondale Holiday Inn Express, again. 

7-19 We stopped at a Cook Out fast food restaurant in Paducah, Illinois.  Dave had been craving a corndog and you could get one as one of your sides!!  He was in heaven, and the hamburgers were good, too.   Stayed at Champaign, IL Holiday Inn Express, again.

I liked the signs on their walls

7-20. When we crossed into Wisconsin, we wanted to go to Culver’s for burgers (so much for the nice picnic food I brought along).  We get to Wisconsin and their frozen custard flavor of the day was Georgia Peach!  

We stopped at a rest stop and decided to take a hike to stretch our legs.  Beautiful view.  We made it to Rice Lake WI Holiday Inn Express.

7-21. We went to Cumberland today to see Dave’s mom, Alice.  We picked her up and went to Dave’s sister’s home, Debbie, outside of Cumberland.  She has a green thumb and her yard was beautiful.  We had a nice day visiting at her home.  We had dinner in Cumberland with Alice, Debbie and Randy, and Dean Roth. 

"she shed" out back

chickens in their cage

garden protected from the deer

Debbie and Charlie in her "she shed"

7-22 we went back to Cumberland this morning to pick up Alice for an adventure.  I have several friends that have been telling me that they would like to go to a Jimmy Buffett concert with me if I went again.  Well, he happened to be playing in Wisconsin at Alpine Valley.  Alice thought it would be fun to go, too.  She and Dave will enjoy the tailgate party, but either listen to the concert in the car on XM radio, or go back to the hotel.  
On the way to Janesville, WI, Alice lost one of her hearing aids.  We looked all through the car and called the 2 places we had stopped for gas, but no luck.  Will keep looking and stop at the some places on our way home.  
We arrived at the Americinn in Janesville, WI about 4:30 about the same time as 2 friends.  Nancy Sundstrom from Groton, SD and Dee Dee Rap (who we hadn’t met) from Sioux Falls, SD.  I met Nancy in dental assisting class in Watertown, SD in 1974. 

Nancy and DeeDee

We hung out by the swimming pool after swimming and placed card games.  We had pizza delivered to the hotel about the time Gene Schneider and Lorraine Himrich arrived from the Black Hills, SD, dental school friends since the mid 80”s.  Lorraine’s daughter and husband joined us later, Galen and Kyle DeReu.  We had a fun night with everyone getting acquainted.  

7-23 Saturday.  The majority of us went to Walmart with a shopping list for our tailgate party. Alice hadn’t slept well and didn’t feel well, so we took 2 carloads of people.  Dave and Alice planned to drive separate and join us later if Alice felt better.  

Just met last night and were like 2 peas in a pod-Nancy and Lorraine

 We arrived at the Alpine Valley Music Theater about 3:30.  We parked and set up a tent, chairs, decorations, coolers and a grill.  Joe and Erin Claussen, friends from Woodbury, MN, met us there shortly after we arrived.  We enjoyed margaritas and cheese burgers in paradise.  At 4:30, we were told the concert was cancelled because of heavy winds and rain!!!  And we had to be out of the venue by 6:00.  WHAT A BUMMER!!  But we didn’t let that spoil our fun.  We had everything packed up and left by 5:45.  Dave and Alice were on their way, so they turned around. 


setting up the tent Nancy brought before more cars pull in behind us

Lorraine with her daughter Galen

DeeDee, Nancy, Mary

Gene getting the grill out of his truck

Nancy and DeeDee

Lorraine and me

Kyle and Galen DeRue, Gene Schneider

wanted to show off the fun decorations Nancy brought

Kyle, Galen, Lorraine, Gene, Nancy, DeeDee

Joe and Erin Clausen

Mary, Joe and Erin

me having too much fun

Nancy and DeeDee having way too much fun

Mary, Lorraine and Galen

Gene sporting a parrothead hat

Erin and Joe, Kyle and Galen, Lorraine, Gene, Nancy, DeeDee, Mary

Erin, DeeDee, Nancy, Security telling us we had to leave, Mary, Lorraine, Galen

We all decided to go back to the hotel and continue the party.  Jeff and Laurie Rhody and their daughter Hannah were on their way to the concert to join us.  Jeff was a classmate of mine and Gene’s in dental school. They said they would meet us at the hotel, too.  Jeff and Laurie had met me at a Jimmy Buffett concert here many years ago, maybe 2011.  
At the hotel, there was an area outside a back door with picnic tables where we set up our party.  That is until the rain also hit there.

Mary Roth, Gene Schneider, Jeff Rhody class of 87, we sat alphabetically the first 2 years of dental school

from our yearbook freshman year 1983

Hannah Rhody, Mary Roth, Jeff Rhody
Erin and Joe with Dave's mom, Alice

Gene’s room was connected to Lorraine’s and Galen and Kyles, so we moved the party to their 2 rooms.  Everyone loved meeting Alice and loved visiting with her.  We really had a fun night visiting more than we would have at the concert.  We can get our money back, or return in 3 weeks for the rescheduled concert.  Of course that night several of us thought we’d return.  But actually only Jeff and Laurie made it.

Alice having way too much fun
Gene had a hole in his back pocket
Everyone had so much fun with Alice

 7-24 We headed back to Cumberland, WI and stopped at the same gas stations to check on Alice’s hearing aid.  No luck.