Wednesday, March 1, 2023

May 20-23, 2022 Chores and snorkeing near Current Cut

5-20 It was too windy to go snorkeling again, so we had a lazy day.  Dave made bread using the ciabatta recipe in loaf shape.  Always yummy.

I cleaned the wall in the aft cabin that was stained from water leaking in.  I use Presto cleaner.  I just sprayed the walls and walked away.  About 20 minutes later, it’s gone.  I touched up a few spots and wiped the surface.  So easy!!  Now we’ll watch to see if we get more water in that area.  It’s hard to do much at anchor.  We need a pressure washer to spray the area, or rough seas, but we’re trying to avoid that.  

That evening, I was already in bed in our v-berth when I heard a thump on the deck.  Dave went out with a flashlight to check it out.  We wanted to be sure something hadn’t come loose on our boat and fallen on the deck.  Our anchor locker was open and he saw a squid had landed in it.  It was a long stretch to get it, so he decided to wait until morning.  

5-21 This morning we went after the squid in the anchor locker.  It was huge!  About a foot long.  We researched it, and squid do fly.  Actually, they can propel themselves out of the water, usually to escape a predator.  We have seen small ones on the deck before and always wondered how they got there.  I also researched how to cook them and may just have to do that in the future.  This one was pretty stinky after being out of water overnight. 


Today, I cleaned the hull in the galley.  We had seen streaks where water came into the boat under the stove.  There is a trough that runs through the 3 sections of cabinets.  Of course, water and gunk traveled through all 3 sections.  So while I was at it, they all were cleaned.  There isn’t a lot of floor space to work with outside of the cabinets.  I am always thankful that I had my knees replaced when I am on the floor trying to get into tight places.  Losing weight helps, too.  

directly under our stove

loaded as usual

under left side of galley sink,  debris from the bilge ran along a drainage track



under right side of galley sink


Dave thought he had gotten all the meat out of the Helmut conch, but it was beginning to stink.  So we also researched what to do about that.  We put it in a pan and boiled it on the stove.  Of course that heats up the boat nicely.  
To cool off, I went for a swim around the boat, not much on the sea bottom in this area.  So I came back to the boat, dug out my “floatie” and enjoyed some more water time.  
Dave was the laundry king today for clothes, towels tomorrow.
He also put together a sweet bread that will sit overnight and bake in the morning.  

5-22. We enjoyed a wonderful sweet bread for breakfast, compliments to Dave.  

After hanging towels out to dry (we let them soak overnight to clean), we went for a dinghy ride to check out the shoreline north of us and an island.  We didn’t see anything interesting to snorkel.  We checked out a small island.

the white pole is their navigation aid

thought we should check out this pretty beach

found pig hoof prints.  some islands have pigs to charge the tourists to see, crazy

We went to the west side of Current Island and snorkeled along the shore.  From the boat, it didn’t look too interesting, but it ended up being a beautiful area to snorkel.  Dave speared one grouper, which he cleaned and we saved for breakfast tomorrow.  

current cut
a channel cut into the shoreline on north side of the cut

Dave snorkeling

5-23. The grouper Dave caught yesterday was great for breakfast, it’s great anytime.  We finished cleaning the hull today.  Dave also changed the zincs on the prop and shaft.  These are sacrificial pieces of metal that get eaten by the salt water to preserve our boat parts. 

Dave using the "hookah" system

there's a faint picture of a barracuda looking for something good to come off of our hull

another view of the barracuda in the middle

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