Saturday, November 7, 2015

November 2, 2015 Movie set, sailing and good-bye Brunswick, GA

This morning, Cheryl and I went downtown to watch the filming of the movie.  It was cool to watch, but we were’t close enough to see anyone famous.  I guess later that morning people had their picture taken with Ben Affleck.  They had covered the streets with dirt and there were several old cars from the 20’s-30’s.  We could see the big lights, but I didn’t actually see any cameras.  We did hear them yell “roll”.  We were near the Mercado-grocery store.  The fruit outside the building was fake, but the fruits & vegetables along the street were real.  Fun to look at the details. 

After we returned to the boat, we went out for a sail.  We could tell right away that the autopilot was finally working right!!  Yeah!!!  Moving the gyroscope away from the generator was the ticket.  We had a great view of a few shrimp boats going out and coming in. 

Mary Ross Park next to the marina.  Many people think my name is Mary Ross

 We made it back to the marina in time to get a late lunch at our favorite Mexican Tienda with the Taqueria.   Cheryl liked the horchata drink (and now they make a rum horchata similar to Rumchata but with cinnamon).   Then it was off to the airport.  Cheryl’s visit went fast, but we did a little bit of everything we wanted to do.  And I beat her at cribbage!!

Gary/bachelor 1, Cheryl, Ricardo/bachelor 2


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