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July 21, 2019 River/canal boat in France

We had another nice breakfast before leaving at 8:00.  Torben, AnneMarie, Dave and I were driving to France to rent a river boat for 10 days.  Everything is so close.  We were in Luxembourg by 10:30 and in France by 11:00. 
We had lunch at a small French cafe, Chez Lulu, in Pont-à-Mousson.  Our appetizer was a zucchini gazpacho. 

the restaurant was on the second floor.  this was their outdoor seating
walleye tomato risotto

zucchini gazpacho

We were in Jean de Losne, France by 3:30.  We found the rental boat company, Le Boat, to check out our boat for 10 days.  It took 2 hours for the paperwork, instruction, tour of the boat, and taking the boat out with an instructor. 

our 35 foot boat, Tango
from the galley, there were a couple steps down to our 2 separate cabins, the head and a shower

the salon, the table could be moved and another bed could be made

the galley and stairs to the upper outside level

rented bicycles

the captain's chair
the upper deck

loading our luggage
We were all set to head out, but it was Sunday, and the grocery stores were closed.  We moved the boat out of the marina and onto a dock in the town.  There was a nice waterfront with several restaurants. 
The first place we went to only served drinks, no dinner.  AnneMarie and Torben introduced us to our new favorite drink, Pastis.  It is a licorice liquor, like Pernod, served as a healthy shot over ice.  You add water to your taste.  It was very refreshing.  We ordered ablette for dinner.  It is a plate full of small fried fish.  We saw it in several places, but ordering it once was enough.

public book exchange

ablette-little fish
great desserts, but no refills on the coffee

outside restaurant, the wine was in a cooler bag

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