Tuesday, January 21, 2020

August 30, 2019 Our Neighborhood and Octopus dinner

Dave slept in again today.  This cold really took him out.  I spent the day finalizing our transportation and rooms for leaving Greece and returning to Georgia in time for hurricane Dorian.

the trip from the port to our villa


another grocery store which was our reminder to turn

a church in our neighborhood, we could hear the priest singing from our villa the day we left

this car didn't move the entire week

the walk to the grocery store
the view from our upper dec
We went out for dinner and were stopped by a display of octopi.  We had stuffed courgette flowers.  I discovered that courgette and zucchini are similar.  Courgette is the smaller younger version of zucchini and is used more in French speaking countries vs Italian.  Dave had the grilled octopus and I had moussaka.  Rather than order from a menu, they took us inside and showed us a show case of what they had available that night.


you used a credit card to pay for the power at the dock

nearest beach in town

from our villa

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