Tuesday, January 21, 2020

September 1, 2019 Skopelos to Volos, Greece

As we were packing this morning, I could hear a priest singing from a nearby church.  I am sorry we didn’t have time to attend a service.  We were out of our villa and to the ferry dock for our 11:50am ferry.

we took a different route to the wate




We were back in Volos by 5:00 and checked into a different hotel, one closer to the train station.  We walked back towards the water and enjoyed another great Greek meal, Greek salad, ztatziki, saganaki, Dave had stuffed squid with cheese and I had grilled squid.  They were both delicious.

getting tipsy before leaving Greece

the locals playing dominoes in the park

the local ouzo, not as good

beautiful fountain with a ship

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