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August 25, 2019 Ferry to Skopleos Island

We had breakfast at 7:00 as soon as they opened.  They had an interesting coffee set up.  We found out (as we were leaving therefore too late to try) that Turkish coffee if brewed using a pan filled with sand heated over an open flame.  The grounds and water are put in a copper cup and are set in the sand.  The hot sand heats the coffee, even to boiling.  The cup is removed and replaced a few times then poured into a cup, grounds and all.  We didn’t see this anywhere else and wished we had asked early enough to try it.

We were on the ferry to Skopelos by 7:45.  We roughly studied the different islands and asked others to choose where we wanted to spend a week.  We wanted an island that didn’t have large cruise ships dumping people onto it everyday.  Skopelos was advertised as being family friendly and laid back.  And did I mention that parts of the movie Mama Mia were filmed here?  That wasn’t the deciding factor, but intrigued me. 


a stop before our village

Mediterranean mooring with the stern to the dock and an anchor off of the bow

we stayed in the city of Skopelos on the island of Skopelos

only photo of the ferry
We found a villa to live in for the week in the city of Skopelos.  Gregory and Julia owned the villa and lived nearby.  Gregory met us at the ferry on a motorcycle about noon.  There weren’t roads to our villa.  He took one of our bags and gave us directions to walk UPHILL to the villa.  He met us in about 3 places to update directions.   Julia was still cleaning the villa, so we left our bags and walked back to the port for lunch.  Great gyros sandwiches.

our first Mythos beer
our front door
our "street"
living room

the cooking was similar to a toaster oven with 2 burners on top, we also had a refrigerator

dining room

this is our main floor deck looking down from the second floor

the back of the main floor
After getting settled in our villa, we walked to a nearby grocery store for some basics.  We had a light dinner at the villa and made ourselves at home.

the grocery store was just around the corner from our villa

the Oregano potato chips were awesome

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