Thursday, January 16, 2020

July 26, 2019 bicycling to Rupt-sur-Sôane, France

We moved the boat to a marina in the next town.  We went into town for bread, but had to have a cup of coffee and try the meringue we had seen in many of the bakeries.  It reminded me of the candy divinity we used to eat when younger.  Only it was huge and much drier.  We were glad we decided to share one and not get one for each of us.
when you travel with dentists.....

We did a bicycle tour of the area.  The tourist information office gave us maps to find the bike trail to the next town.  In Rupt-sur-Saône, we found a church that was built in  1752, but the town has had a church since the 12th century.  Luckily we found some plums growing wild because there weren’t any open restaurants.  This is a small town, and the locals take their vacation in July.  We found that in several town. 


picture of the castle we couldn't get to by bike

This gentleman told us the sidewalk was 43c in shade and 70c on sidewalk.  That's 110 F and 160 F.
then he had to show us how the heat of the sidewalk cooked an egg

peaking into someone's back yard
guess what they grow on that tree

loved all the iron work on the buildings
We stopped in town to pick up more groceries before heading back to the boat.  We were smart and made dinner reservations for the evening.  We had a lovely dinner that started on the patio.  We started with  champagne with cherry syrup and a cherry in the glass.  A storm came up as we were finishing our main course, so we helped everyone move inside.  I think we earned a free after dinner drink, Calvados, a French liquor.

Many of the restaurants had menus with choices of 2 or 3 courses with 3 options at a set price.  We thought the prices were less than eating out in America.


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