Tuesday, January 21, 2020

August 28, 2019 Beach day

I planned to take a group tour and spend a day at sea.  Dave wanted to just sleep because of his cold.  The trip was cancelled because it was too windy.  I found a tour bus that would take me to Limnonari Beach for the day.  It was more convenient than figuring the island bus and walking to the beach from the road, quite a ways uphill from the beach.
the tour bus

I took my snorkel gear, but I didn’t want to leave my belongings on the beach.  So I hung out by a pool sipping beers and taking dips to cool off.  I had fun watching the sailboats come in to anchor.  And I was able to have lunch served to me in my lounge chair.  Pretty nice day.
the view from my spot for the day


I stopped at another beach bar before getting on the bus

see the dried flowers hanging

olive tree

the bus ride back, glad I wasn't on a full size bus

this picture is for all the carpenters in my family.  you'd have to get your supplies here without roads
When I returned to Skopelos, I stopped to pick up a pizza and pesto/spaghetti.  I carried everything up to our villa to enjoy dinner with Dave.

We had to spend the evening making plans for Pete to evacuate Brunswick, Ga with hurricane Dorian heading that direction.  He didn’t have a car.  We will be overnighting in Atlanta when we return.  So we had him fly there a few days ahead of us.

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