Monday, January 20, 2020

August 17, 2019 Stirling Highland Games

Today we attended the Highland games in Sterling.  The grounds were outside of town, but there was a bus city bus there and back.  As we were standing in line, we noticed many people had boots on.  We later realized why.  There was a large field which was a reclaimed moor.  After raining, everything was muddy.

The track and field events were youth and adult foot races at different lengths, bicycle races, long jump and triple jump.

The heavyweights competition included throwing the hammer, tossing of the caber, shot putt, throwing the weight with a ball and chain, and throwing a 56 lb weight over a bar.

There were also dancing competitions. I really enjoyed watching the children dance.


There was a tent with a “Traders Market” with various items for sale, including beer from a local brewery.  There was an entertainment stage during the day.  And the market tent was scheduled to have live music all evening.  We didn’t stay into the evening because the buses stopped running, AND we had been standing all day.  There were no bleachers to sit in.  Our muddy feet were tired. 
our new friend, Alister, was important
these umbrella had sides you could zip in
 There were only 3 venders selling food.  The lines were very, very long.  Dave had a great BBQ pork sandwich, and even complimented them on their food.  The evening was spent cleaning the mud off of our shoes and feet.

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