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July 31, 2019 Beaune and Pommard, France

Today was Dave’s 64th birthday.  I played the Beatle’s song “when I’m 64” for him off of my phone.  Then Torben and AnneMarie sang the birthday song that they sing to their kids when they wake them up on their birthday.  After breakfast, be packed and cleaned the boat.  We found a pharmacy to find something for Dave’s upset stomach.  What a way to spend your birthday.

We drove back to Beaune and walked through their farmer’s market.

they were demonstrating and selling a tool to draw on a plate with chocolate for fancy desserts
real truffles
We enjoyed lunch at a sidewalk cafe. Their escargot are served in edible shells made of some kind of cracker shaped like the shell. 

boef bourguignon

onglet de veau hanger steak-veal diaphragm  meat

tartine chevre tomato

the escargot were in edible shells
We tried to see the Hotel Dieu from the outside, not a tour.  This hotel was built in 1443 and was called “the Hospices de Beaune”.  It once served as a charitable refuge for the poor.  “Today it serves as a museum and architectural marvel, its glazed tile roof perhaps the most captivating aspect of the building.”

it was hard to capture this building up close.  this postcard shows the beauty of this building

From Beaune, we drove to Pommard, as small town in the wine country.  AnneMarie’s daughter had recommended both Beaune and Pommard.  We had found a hotel online to be able to spend the night.
After checking in, Dave took a nap, still not feeling great.  Torben, AnneMarie and I did some wine tasting.  The vineyards surround the town.  But there are wine tasting rooms in the town for the different vineyards.  Since the Danes had their car, they were stocking up on their wine.  We bought 2 bottles to share with friends in Switzerland.  We also had cremant, it is similar to champagne, but it can only be called champagne in France if is was grown in that area. 


the 13.5 Euros bottle was about $15

map of the vineyards and type of grapes

We had dinner at a little restaurant which was a charcuterie with meat, cheese, patè, tomatoes and cucumbers with bread.  We also enjoyed the local wines.  Luckily Dave felt better and could celebrated his birthday.


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