Saturday, January 18, 2020

July 27, 2019 Port-sur-Saône, France

After breakfast on our upper deck, we headed north to Port-sur-Saône.  We walked around town and had lunch.

great looking berries


stuffed bird
shared desserts

We decided to head back south today.  We have to return the boat to the marina where we picked it up.  We enjoyed dinner on the boat of tapas.  We found a beautiful little spot off the main canal to tie up for the night. 
wine selection at one of the locks

the red and green channel markers are opposite of those in the US

tied up along the bank
this wash house was built in 1884, but it is on the site of the communal kiln and salt store used in the Middle ages

love the grape vines
The biggest change today was having the water level drop in the locks.  We had been climbing in elevation up to this point.

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