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August 31, 2019 Skopelos Island tour by car

Dave finally felt alive today.  We rented a car by 9:00.  There had been an issue with some companies renting us a car without an International Driver’s license.  Word to the wise, they are easy to get before leaving the US.  We drove to the town of Neo Klimas on the norther side of the island to rent a power boat for the day by 10:30.  Dave really wanted to get out onto the water.

 We anchored near Kastani and Milia.  We thought we’d swim to shore, but didn’t bring a dry bag.  So it would be hard to take any clothes with us to go to a restaurant.  So we moved on.  The Milia beach was in a scene in Mama Mia, with the song “Does your Momma Know that your out?”.


We went to Agnostas and were able to tie to a dock.  We had a nice lunch staring at the water.  We tried all the crazy appetizers: sea urchin eggs, octopus salad, Roe salad spread.  Our main courses were spaghetti with meatballs and veal.

sea urchin eggs
sea urchin eggs
octopus salad

roe sprea
we need this sign on our boat

we ate at this restaurant

After lunch we drove by an island that was used in Mamma Mia.  It was the island where the daughter spent the day with the 3 possible fathers.  They were there by sailboat, which drew my attention.


village along the coast
the town of Glossa

this ferry is similar to what we take to the mainland
 We drove the boat around a few small islands off shore and had the boat returned by 4:00.  Next we drove to the north east side of the island to see the rock/church where the wedding was held in the movie Mamma Mia.  It was a beautiful spot with crashing waves.  The hike up there was very steep.  I can’t imagine all the filming crew doing this climb with equipment.  At the top, I realized the church was not the same as in the movie.  So they only filmed a few scenes on the rock steps, not the entire wedding here. 



now for the hike down


We stopped in the town of Ponormos for a drink and to stare at boats and water before returning the car by 7:00.

We returned to our villa and ate leftovers.  We spent the rest of the evening packing to leave in the morning.  Dave listened to Alabama’s first football game of the season until midnight.  And they won, ROLL TIDE!

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