Wednesday, February 13, 2019

January 28-31, 2019 SD to GA and Dave's mom, Alice, visited GA

Beverly and I had a spa day.  We had massages and pedicures.  I finalized my office business with the accountant and bank.  We washed and vacuumed Perdue’s Jeep before returning it to them today.  It was so nice of them to let me use it for 6 weeks. 
Morgan Killion Werhle gave me a pedicure
We picked up some groceries and headed back to Perdue’s to make Chile.  Pete joined us along with Tami and John Petersen.  They had just spent a week in Hawaii.  And Perdue’s had just spent a week skiing in Utah.  So we all shared our experiences from the past week. 

It’s always hard to say goodbye to Pete.  Not sure when we’ll see him again.  Maybe in the Bahamas this winter, or next summer in SD.  I really enjoyed having so much time with him.

Both Beverly and I left SD today.  Uneventful flights.  Dave picked me up about 4:00pm in Brunswick.  He had been working on the boat with the salon area torn open.  So we decided to get a room for a couple nights.

This would be a good time to share Dave’s mom’s visit to Georgia while I was in South Dakota.  Alice lives in Cumberland, WI.  She spent a week with Dave on the boat from January 10 to the 17th. 

The marina hosted an oyster feed while she was there.  They had raw and steamed oysters.  People brought other dishes to share.  It looked a little chilly by the pictures.  Alice really liked the oysters, which surprised Dave.


They went to Woodbine, GA for the country western music Woodbine Opry.  She really loved the old time western music.  She and Dave danced several times.  And they won a cake in the cake raffle.  She liked it so much she wanted to extend her visit to be able to go again the next weekend. 

She really enjoyed their day trip to Jekyll Island.  Our sailing friends, Fred and Pati Meyling joined them.  They ended the day at our favorite restaurant, Iguana’s.  Alice had oysters again.  She especially liked the free soft serve ice cream with toppings that they give you with every meal. 

Even though we were staying at the Embassy Suites, we went back to the boat to work on it today.  We also had sailing friends in town (by car, not boat).  Pati and Fred Meyling were in town just for the day.  They and another friend, Gene, from the marina joined us for dinner.

Back to the boat.  Dave worked on the boat and I started the laundry.  Same old routine.
Dolphin welcoming me back to Ga at the marina

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