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December 24-25, 2018 Christmas in Sturgis, SD with the Moore's

Monday 12-24
Janice and Jim had several errands to do in Rapid City, so I drove along.  They are going to remodel the kitchen in Sturgis and needed to hit a few places.  Then we picked up Pete and went back to Sturgis to spend a few days with them.

Toni is friends with the owners, staff and regulars at the Knuckle Brewery in Sturgis.  So we spent part of the afternoon there with a small Christmas party. Toni’s nephew, Daren, was there with Toni.  We called Sturgis friends of ours to join us, Gene and Colleen Schneider.  They were available!  We had a great time getting caught up with them.  We set a date to have dinner at their house in a couple weeks. 
Mary, Janice Moore, relative of the owner, Daren Harrell, Toni Moore, Pete Roth
Pete, Colleen and Gene Schneider, Mary

Back at Janice and Jim’s/Toni’s place, Jim cooked steaks for dinner.  The guests were Janice and Jim, Toni and Margaret (Jim’s sisters), Daren (Margaret’s son), Delvin Harrell, (Daren’s dad and Margaret’s ex), Jim’s aunt and uncle, Mary and Henry.  They live in MN, but rode out to the Hills with Janice and Jim.  Margaret has a home in Boulder Canyon outside of Sturgis.  She invited her ex to join them, since their son would be there, and had moved to Salt Lake City.  I think she was kind of surprised that he accepted. 

After dinner and dishes, Pete and I played partners in cribbage against Janice and aunt Mary.  They beat us 3 games to 0.  But we enjoyed the game and were good sports, not poor losers. 

Merry Christmas!!
Janice, Jim, Pete and I went to church in Sturgis at 8:30 am.  The weather looked like it was going to be bad for traveling the next couple days, so Janice and Jim decided to leave that day for Aberdeen.  They had Mary and Henry with them.  And they were pulling a trailer. 

I had planned to provide the egg bake for brunch today.  So I did the cooking while they packed up.  Dave, Pete and I had a family tradition of having eggs Benedict on Christmas Day.  So I found an eggs Benedict egg bake.  It turned out pretty good. 

Janice and Jim took off about noon.  Daren needed to go to the airport in Rapid City that afternoon.  So we offered to take him there and head back to Pete’s.  We had a couple hours to kill, so I taught Margaret how to play triominoes.  I think she was hooked. 

Back in Rapid, I watched movies.  Pete went to visit his friend April for the evening. 

Pete and Mary

Mary and Janice
the Moore's present back-Toni Moore, seated on couch Daren Harrell, Jim Moore, Mary and Henry Hebert, on the floor-Margaret Harrell and Janice Moore

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