Tuesday, February 12, 2019

January 21, 2019 Ski for Light 1st Day & chair dance

I drove Perdue’s Jeep out to the cross country ski area for Ski for Light.  We have to park on a road across the highway from the ski area and be transported into the site.  I pulled off the road just a bit too far and got stuck.  A couple other volunteers helped me get it out of the deep snow.  I guess I am officially a “snow bird” now.
I was paired with Jay Kronfeld from Connecticut for the week.  He has been coming here for about 14 years.  He used to cross country ski, but his eye sight has gotten worse.  Now he feels more comfortable snow shoeing.  It had been many years since I last snow shoe-ed, but it came back to me.  Jay taught me to guide him by holding a ski pole between us.  That kept us from stepping on each other’s snow shoes.  And he could follow me through turns.  He has trouble hearing, so this worked well for us.

They serve us lunch at the site and we eat on tables outside.  Today we had beef stew, pita sandwiches, salads and chips. 
the next generation of volunteers serving lunch

Mary with Kaye Dial from Detroit
We have 2 tents connected to be able to go indoors and store our belongings while skiing.  There are hay bales covered with blankets to sit on.  Vern Shafer has a table where he serves “Vern Specials”-hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps and Irish cream.  It’s tradition to have one or two a day.  (I have a cousin Vern Schaefer, so this Vern is known as "cousin Vern".)
"cousin" Vern Shafer serving Vern Specials
near the front door looking towards the back of the first tent
standing at the connection of the 2 tents looking into 2nd tent
looking back out to the front
everyone signs their name on the wall

our family names. difficult to read because of the snow on the outside of the tent
On Monday night at Ski for Light, a dinner is provided for us at the Saloon #10.  One of the SFL board members donates the meal.  We fill the place to the brim with our participants and volunteers.  Tonight it was a rib and brisket dinner served buffet style by our volunteers.

We stayed for awhile to dance that evening.  Once a night, this crew does a “chair dance”.  Everyone that is mobile brings a chair to the dance floor.  Then everyone dances with those in wheelchairs.  Crazy bunch!!
Kathy and Kari are twin sisters from Watertown, SD along with Mary and Don
everyone's ready to start
Dawn Srtska in green hat, Ms Wheelchair America, Karen Roy, in center, Kari Krumweide behind her
Ms Wheelchair America Karen Roy with Tara Knutson
Kylie Forth from Australia with Kari Krumwiedi of Watertown, SD

Kaye Dial and Kari

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