Wednesday, February 13, 2019

January 27, 2019 Moonshine Gulch in Rochford, SD

Several people met at Tally’s Restaurant for breakfast in downtown Rapid City.  Silvia and Chris Jonas and Kylie Forth were staying at the Alex Johnson Hotel across the street.  They were all visually impaired Ski for Light participants.  Tracy Perdue, Beverly, Pete and I joined them. 
Bev, Chris Jonas, Mary, Ronald Regan, Tracy Perdue, Kylie Forth, Silvia Jonas with Hildi

Beverly, Tracy, Kylie and I checked out some of the statues of our US presidents on the corners of the downtown streets.  It was interesting explaining them to Kylie as she checked them out with her hands.  A man walked by and Tracy stopped him.  He was wearing a typical cowboy hat.  Kylie had told Tracy that she thought the Australian ones were different.  So Tracy, with her big sweet smile, asked if Kylie could feel his hat.  He agreed.  He said he was in town for the stock show and that he lived near Brookings on the MN border.  I asked if he knew friends or ours, Les Olson Franken from Hendricks, MN.  He had worked with her uncle.  And he was the auctioneer at their farm sale last year.  Small world. 

That afternoon, Pete, Bev and I drove out to Rochford, SD to go to the Moonshine Gulch.  They have an open mike/jam session every Sunday at 3:00.  We used to go here often when we lived here.  The owner, Betsy, was so happy to see us.  She makes the best hamburger and real potato French fries in the Hills.  Richard and Tracy and a few other people we knew from Ski for Light were there, too.  It was snowing when we left, so we followed Richard and Tracy home.  I was a little worried driving their car, but we made it fine. 
Mary, Betsy Harn, Peter

Mary, Betsy, Bev

Peter next to Steve Thorpe, a local artist that has taught Pete a lot

Pete joined us for card games at the Perdue’s home that night.

Below are some videos of the jam session.

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