Tuesday, February 12, 2019

January 23, 2019 Ski for Light bonfire

Today, Jay and I shortened our time again.  We have to give the race committee our estimated time for the race tomorrow.  The person who comes closest to their estimated time wins the trophy.  We had chili and pork sandwiches for lunch.  They treat us well out there.  You have to be careful not to over eat.
tables set up for our lunches

this mule brings volunteers to the ski area from the highway
Don Theye, Lynn and Charlie Brumbough
Helen from ND, Dave Sundeen, ND, Greg Gunderson, Don Theye, new volunteer in the back

"people mover" bringing participants and volunteers from the bus on the highway

Mary and Hannah Shafer

Stormy Fanning and Chris Gould supporting Mariah Kilborne, Miss Wheelchair America 2013.  She has cerebral palsy and this is the first time she had been on snow shoes. 

keg donated from the Firehouse Brewery in Rapid City

Kim and Shayna Weyer

Mary and Deb Tinker

lunch time again

enjoying lunch outside

"fluoride treatments" for the cook tent

everyone enjoys the "fluoride treatment"

Silvia Jonas of Toronto and Heather Spencer of Rapid City

tried to take a selfie as we were skiing

Mary and Kim Weyer

Heather Spencer, Silvia Jonas, Mary Roth, Chris Jonas, Marcie Brumbaugh

family photo Beverly, Mary, cousin Vern, Don
Mary and Rick Johnson of Rapid City and Phoenix
On Wednesday’s there is a bonfire at the ski area.  Afterwards, Gordy Pratt and 2 other local guys played music in the tent.  We hung out for awhile before heading back into Deadwood.  Don, Bev and I just hung out the room I shared with Bev visiting.  Long gone are the days of closing the bars.
bonfire at ski area
Betsy, Diana and Kaye
this train is going to Toronto

Gordy Pratt with 2 volunteers.  Bev and Don are seated in the back
Mary, Don, Bev, Hannah, Vern

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