Thursday, April 20, 2017

March 29/30, 2017 ciguatera check at Black Point, Exumas

We decided to sail all the way to Black Point/Staniel Cay area today.  It was a long day, but that would give us 2 days to prepare for our next guests.  We spent about 7.5 hours on the water. 

We caught a mahi mahi and a snapper on the way here.  We caught the snapper just after we passed though a cut.  So we were concerned with whether it was too big of reef fish to eat.  It could be carrying the ciguatera toxin.  Dave tried our only two tests we have.  The flies were landing on it as he cleaned it.  Passed that test.  Then he put a piece of raw fish under his tongue.  No tingling.  Passed second test.  He will wait 24 hours then eat a small cooked piece and wait another 24 hours to watch for any symptoms.  It's great to have a taste tester for you.

these birds were feeding on something in the water near our boat

We did a couple loads of laundry and hung them on the life lines.  Dave had to do it all because of my bum shoulder. 

Some friends that we met in Brunswick, Ga in the summer of 2015 stopped by the boat.  Gary Krieger and Niamh McAnally were also anchored at Black Point.  We saw them in the Bahamas last year in a couple places.  It’s always good to see them and catch up on each others travels.  They are also picking up guests in Staniel Cay this weekend.  They were excited when we told them how to get to the airport by dinghy.  It’s great to share the little things you learn along the way.
Gary Krieger

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