Thursday, April 20, 2017

March 12, 2017 Georgetown measuring water depth

We remembered to change our clocks for day light savings time.  Actually our phones change automatically.  It really doesn’t matter on the boat.  But I try to go to church on Sundays when we are in a port.  There is a “cruiser’s net” on the VHF radio here every morning.  After they gave a weather report, they reminded everyone about day light savings time change today.  Then he added “I always look forward to this day because I get an extra hour on my solar panels.”  HaHa, the jokes on him, he actually lost an hour today :))

I sat by the little Bahamian lady that usually has a joke for me.  So after mass, I shared one with her that she really liked.  Here goes.  2 nuns were in a convenience store on a really hot day.  When they passed by the beer, one of them said “wouldn’t it be great to have a cold beer?”  The second one said “we can’t buy beer, we’re nuns and it wouldn’t look good.”  The first said “let me handle it.”.   Up at the counter, the guy gave her a strange look and she said “this is Catholic shampoo for washing our hair.”  The guy grabbed a bag of pretzels, laid them on the counter and said “ok, the curlers are on me.”

This afternoon, Dave spent some time in the water.  He checked out the cutless bearing.  The lip was shoved up in the shaft tube, but it was working it’s way back out.  And the shaft was turning freely.  So we’re happy for now and will continue to watch it.  He said he wouldn’t do that again :)

Then he took a line and a weight into the water to get some measurements.  He measured the depth of the water and the distances between different parts of the boat.  He determined that our draft is 5 feet 8 inches.  The manufacturer said it was 4 feet 9 inches.  That is without anything added to the boat.  So with our generator, air compressor, parts, tools, canned goods, personal effects, etc, we add about a foot in depth.   We have been saying that we have a 5 foot draft ever since we moved aboard.  But 5’8” makes a difference in a lot of places.  With the motion of the boat it’s hard to get exact figures.  We’ll probably do it all over again, just to see if it comes out close to the same. 

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