Thursday, April 20, 2017

March 17, 2017 water maker membrane replacement

Happy St Patrick’s Day
We spent today replacing the water maker membrane that was bad.  This water maker was installed 3 years ago.  Dave read that the membranes should last 7 years, when run continuously.  Our problem was not running it often enough.  I think letting it sit all summer from mid June to early December was hard on it.  Our water maker was running fine on one membrane, so we were hesitant to have one sent from the US.  But with about 2 months of guests coming up, we were worried about it failing.  So this worked out great.  For those who may be interested, this was a Dow filmtec SW 30-2540 membrane.  It is used is several water maker systems, not only the Cruise RO that we have. 

 We considered going to a resort at 4:00 for their open mike and St Paddy’s day happy hour.  But it was looking stormy.  So we decided to have our own celebration on the boat.  We listened to Irish music and shared a little Jameson and Guinness.  Our son, Pete, plays in an Irish band called the River Liffy Boys.  A couple friends sent us pictures on Facebook of him playing at Murphy’s in Rapid City.  Sure would have been fun to be there.  They have youtube videos you can check out.

Pete with John and Tami Petersen

Pete with Rod Brandhagen

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