Thursday, April 20, 2017

March 16, 2017 Cruiser's net in Georgetown

There is a cruiser’s net every morning in Georgetown.  They cover local businesses, community announcements, anyone needing assistance from another boater, like borrowing a tool, buy-sell-trade, and new arrivals or departures.  We asked if anyone had information about buying a water maker membrane locally.  We had found out back in February from the Active Captain Facebook page that someone here named Fast Betty had one for sale.  I had mentioned it on Sunday, with no response.  Today Fast Betty came back on the net and we chatted afterwards.  They actually had the exact membrane that we needed.  They had bought a new one before leaving the states, not knowing whether they needed it or not.  So we took our dinghy over to their boat.  They invited us aboard their new motor trawler.  They had a sailboat for 17 years and now moved into a power boat.  We had a great time visiting.  It’s amazing how the boating community helps each other out.

Dave was planning to change the oil on the diesel Yanmar motor, but he wanted to keep the oil we had on board as a backup.  We went into Georgetown to pick up more oil.  We easily talked each other into going out for lunch.  We went to the Towne Cafe and Bakery.  We ate here once last year.  They have 4 items on a dry erase board with sides listed.  You order at a counter, and there are just a few tables inside.  Most of their business is what they call “take away”.  People were coming and going the whole time.  And main courses were erased off the board as we ate.  Dave had baked chicken and I had grouper fingers.  It came with rice and 2 sides.  Very traditional Bahamian meals in the $14-16 range.  The other 2 were pork chops and BBQ.  But the BBQ was erased just before we ordered, Dave’s first choice. 

Then we spent some time walking around town looking for oil by the gallon.  Every place within walking distance only sold oil in quarts.  So we ended up going back to the boat without oil and will just use what is on the boat.

Back at the boat, Dave changed the oil in the Yanmar engine and the water maker pump.  We can dispose of use oil in Georgetown.  Right by the dinghy dock, there is a truck that picks up garbage and hauls it away.  It just sits there until it is full.  You slide money into a cracked open window on the honor system.  $1 for small bags, $3 for large bags, $2 for used oil.

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