Friday, April 21, 2017

April 15, 2017 Easter Fish Fry at Salt and Peppa, Spanish Wells

We went back into town to look at the Portland Pudgy with Edmond Pinder.  He is a Mercury dealer, so he will have his employees check out the motor, 3.5hp 4 stroke.  But since it is the Easter Holiday weekend, he wants us to come back on Tuesday.

We headed back to the boat and returned to town about 4:00 for an Easter Fish Fry at Salt and Peppa.  This restaurant was recently opened and this was their first Fish Fry.  It was awesome.  Dave had a whole fried snapper, head and all.  I had the grilled snapper.  It was in foil with onion, tomato and peppers and a hot spice.  They were both great.  We also shared a conch salad.  I had to try their guava daiquiri made with locally fresh guavas.  It’s always fun to try the local food.  Everyone had a little different twist.  
beautiful landscaping in Spanish Wells

such vibrant colors

interesting yard

no watering or mowing here

fish fry grill

Susan and her guava daiquiri

the fried fish with mac and cheese

the grilled fish and vegetables

we passed this dock where they were skinning a hog

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