Friday, April 21, 2017

April 6, 2017 Allen's and Leaf Cay spearfishing

We spent the day snorkeling and spearfishing.  We followed the shoreline of the island just south of us and along Allen’s Cay.  Dave and Joe were spear fishing.  Erin was in the water part of the time taking photos.  I stayed in the dinghy and either drifted with them or motored and circled around between them.  I am still nursing my left shoulder, so I was fine with navigating the dinghy.
snorkeling the coast
snorkeling this bay

Joe was the only one who speared a fish.  He thought it was a grouper, but it may have been a parrot fish.  He cleaned it up and Dave sautéed it for us to share.


stingray about 3 feet across

either spiny porcupine or balloon fish

possibly tilefish, but unusual stripes

Joe's grouper

grouper for dinner tonight
Dave brought up a nice sized conch shell for Joe and Erin to take home.  She wants the shell intact.  So Dave and Joe were able to hook the conch and pull it out of the shell vs cracking the shell to get it out. 
removing the conch without chopping through the shell
hanging the conch
the meat of the conch
We ended up moving the boat to a larger anchorage spot between the islands to have more room once the wind changes directions in the morning.  We were afraid we would swing too close to shore.

This morning there were 4 boats in this area.  When we came back there were 6.  Before night, there were 14 in this small anchorage!!

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