Friday, April 21, 2017

April 2, 2017 Bitter Guana and Cave Cays, Exumas

Today we motor headed south to Cave Cay.  On the way, we stopped at Bitter Quana Cay, just south of Staniel Cay.  There is a protected iguana habitat on this island.  I thought it would be interesting to check out.  As we were taking the dingy to shore, Erin told us she used to have a pet iguana.  We had no idea.  There was a hike to the top of the ridge that Erin and Joe checked out.  Great view of our boat from there.   

end of the road for me, no shoes

Joe and Erin on top of ridge

our boat from the beach
view from the top of the ridge
We moved on to Cave Cay.  Didn't catch any fish on the passage.  From the anchorage, Joe, Erin and I took the dinghy and checked out turtles in the cave bay.  They can really swim fast.  We didn’t get the photos we were hoping to. 

On our way back to the boat, Joe and Erin snorkeled caves along the shore line.  They were in heaven.

Dave grilled chicken for dinner.  We had it with my home made tzatziki sauce and salad.

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