Friday, April 21, 2017

April 11, 2017 snorkel north of Royal Island

Today we moved the boat to the south side of Russel Island in front of the Sand Bar.  Joe, Erin and I went snorkeling off Royal Island.  It was windy and rough, but great when you were in the water.  A little cloudy for good photos today.
We went to shore by dingy to have dinner at the Sand Bar.  A few people have told that they really liked this place.  There was just one building with the kitchen and a window that opened up for the bar.  Then there was a separate covered area with tables.  There were a few tables in the grass and a couple hammocks.  It looked like it might rain, so we sat in the covered area. 

We were really impressed with the menu, the prices and the different drinks.  I had a drink with jalapeño tequila, lime juice and cucumbers.  Joe had a guava mojito, and Erin had a fruity martini with alcohol soaked pineapple.  Dave enjoyed a couple Guinness.  The meals were excellent.  I would definitely recommend this place.  And I am sure we will be back with other guests.
unusual white plant under the sea fan

another 3 foot stingray
this was actually taken a couple days later

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