Wednesday, September 26, 2018

September 8-10, 2018 Bristol and car rental

We planned to rent a car in Bristol on Monday to be able to finalize my closing documents on my office building.  So we settled in for a weekend in Bristol.

I spent the day at the Maritime Welcome Center doing laundry and using their wifi.  Dave spent the day putting our aft cabin back together and reorganizing the “garage”. Then we had dinner on the boat and listened to Alabama college football win another game.  ROLL TIDE!!

Dave and I went to shore together this morning.  I headed to church and Dave went to the Maritime Welcome Center to upgrade charts using their faster wifi.  Afterwards, we met at the Sunset Cafe for breakfast.  We stopped at the welcome center before leaving shore and met another cruising couple. Neil and Brycea live aboard also.  Neil is from South Africa and has been sailing for years.  Fun to share experiences.

Car rental days are busy days.  We make a list, kind of map things out, and hit the road.  We had Enterprise pick us up about 9:00.  First stop was the UPS store for the notary.  Then breakfast at the Green Egg, a restaurant in the area that Dave googled that was great.  We headed towards what we thought was a Fed Ex store, but it was only a shipping location, darn GPS.  We found a store in Newport, so headed that way.  On the way, I made an appointment with the Newport Hospital for a mammogram at 1:45pm.  We came across a Home Depot, so pulled in there along the way.  We found the FedEx and shipped off the documents.  Dave dropped me off for the mammogram and headed to a West Marine nearby.

My last mammogram was 8-28-17, so my insurance would cover another one again.  I thought I could work this out once we had a car.  So I war really pleased that they could see me on such short notice.  Since I now have 2 sisters that have had treatment for breast cancer, and doing great, I didn’t want to delay having my mammogram done. 

We tried to find a marina in Portsmouth, RI to talk to a mechanic that was recommended by our surveyor.  We ended up just talking to him on the phone.  He has done a repair on a Beneteau similar to what we need.  He pointed out that the water could be coming in somewhere else and just traveling along the hull and coming out in the area we found it.  So we will continue to monitor that.  He also said a repair similar to this took 160 hours at $100/hour!!!  That is 20 8 hour days.  Guess we won’t start that right away. 

All that was left was groceries.  We divided and concurred that task and were able to return the rental car by 5:00.  They had to give us a ride back to the boat, groceries and all.  This way, we didn’t have to figure out where to park the car for the night or have to go to shore in the morning.  We had to wait for them to take us back to the dock, so we started removing all of the boxes from what we could to be able to throw them away and not have to deal with them on the boat.  We take cereal, etc, out of the box and store in bags to utilize space.  And to avoid bugs that can be in the cardboard.  I spent the evening storing groceries.  Besides putting things away, I break down the meats into 2 piece servings, wrap them in a clear cling wrap, then put them in vacuum sealed bags. I should have taken pictures of my assembly line.  Dave did the hand pumping for the bags. 

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