Thursday, September 20, 2018

August 19, 2018 Alice's Birthday dinner

Today is Alice’s 87th Birthday!!  Happy Birthday Alice!!
Alice orders her eggs basted in restaurants, so I had her show me how to baste eggs this morning.  After breakfast, we had to move the boat AGAIN to dock C this time.  Dave and Alice spent some time sewing today.  We bought some sheets to use as slip covers for the sections of cushion that we sit on the most when we are sweaty.  I stayed out of the way doing my PT. 

We went out for dinner early for Alice’s birthday.  She loves Italian food, so we found a place in downtown Wickford, Tavern by the Sea.  We started with a stuffed quahog clam (they say ko-hog).  It’s like a crab cake and comes on the clam’s shell.  Alice had veal Parmesan with pasta. We shared a lemon berry Mascarpone cake for her birthday cake.  FUN DAY celebrating with her.

found a beach to walk on after dinner

sunset from the marina

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