Saturday, September 8, 2018

July 21--25, 2018 Delaware Bay

We stayed here for several days to let some nasty weather pass by.  Dave worked on fixing the shut off valve for the bladder where the fuel exits the bladder.  Dave found a leak at the water maker’s boost pump.  This pump keeps the filters filled and water flowing while we are making water.  This explains the water in the main part of the bilge.  But Dave is still looking for a leak in the engine compartment.  

water maker's boost pump behind the bench in our salon area
changing filter-was white
 On the 23rd, we took the dinghy into town.  It was a long ride.  We took our trash in with us then had lunch at Irish Eyes, an Irish Pub.  The food was amazing.  We each had clam chowder.  Dave ordered his in a bread bowl, that was fantastic.  Then we shared a Rueben sandwich, which was also incredible.  Since we were dressed in our boat clothes, we sat at the bar.  We had fun visiting with 3 local guys that eat there every day.

courtesy dock for the restaurnt
back just as the rain started

We wore our “foulies” to shore, foul weather gear.  The lining at the wrists of my jacket started to tear apart, so I finished the job.  After we returned to the boat, I hosed them off to get the salt water off of them.  Salt water never dries. 

internal part of sleeve falling apart
We decided to take apart an old thermal bag to help insulate our freezer.  Condensation is forming on the countertop. 

thermal bag given to us at Marathon city Marina in FL

salt air metal corrosion

tried a bread recipe from a friend, and the first poached eggs I have made.  Dave used to be my cook

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