Thursday, September 20, 2018

August 20-22, 2018 Walt's Hot Dog Stand and Boston

We had a nice breakfast on the boat and then ran some errands while we had a car.  First we went to CL Marine in Warwick to pick up a part for our Mercury outboard.  Next was Walmart and Home Depot. 

On the way back to the boat, we stopped at Walt’s Hot Dog Stand.  It looked like this stand was on Walt’s property and gave him something to do everyday.  2 dogs, chips and drink for $6.00.

Back at the marina, Dave and Alice relaxed while I tried out the hot tub.

We had to return to Boston today to take Alice to the airport.  We got a phone call from the marina at 8:00 am asking us to move our boat AGAIN.  This time to dock A.  Now we have been on all 4 docks in 10 days. 

Boston is only about 90 minutes away.  We left early to be able to stop for lunch somewhere.  While on the outskirts, we pulled off the interstate in Dorchester.  We had lunch at an Irish Deli.  It was fun to hear people speaking with Irish accents.

Dave was able to go to the Gate with Alice.  I parked the car and walked to the connected Hilton Hotel to wait in their nice lobby.  Just for giggles, I checked on the price of rooms.  They started at $400/night.  I guess you pay for convenience.

We were back in Wickford in time to have a delicious Chinese dinner.  We picked up a few groceries, returned to the boat and crashed.
streets of Wickford

We really had a nice time with Dave’s mom.  We all enjoyed just spending time together. 

I returned our rental car before noon.  Then we moved the boat back over to Bristol Harbor.  A squall moved through just before we wanted to anchor.  Pretty heavy rain.  Nice we could wait it out.

From our anchorage, we watched the local regatta boats waiting to see if the races would take place.  Didn't appear to have enough wind.  Some ended up just sailing for fun with out the race.

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