Thursday, September 20, 2018

August 11-13, 2018 Move to Wickford Marina

Saturday, August 11
All week I have been going back and forth with e-mails to sell my office building in South Dakota.  I still own my dental office building with Elizabeth Twomey, who I shared the office with for 10 years.  The dentist that bought my practice in 2008 in now buying the building.  I had to print the Purchase Agreement, sign, take pictures of it and e-mail them back.  
Dave installed one of the isolation transformers today.  Each one is about the half the size of a carry on suitcase and weighs 60 lbs.  We have been going through zincs when we are at a dock.  The isolation transformer will isolate the boat from the shore power which will break the current and stop eating the metal on our boat.  We have 2 different 30 amp wiring set ups.  One is for the air conditioner and the other for our outlets, battery charger, water heater and water maker.  We have a galvanic isolator on the air conditioner now, but we don’t trust that it is enough.  He installed the one for the multiple uses first because we don’t plan to use the air conditioner right now.  Everything went according to plan with the installation.  That doesn’t usually happen.  
I went back in for church this afternoon.  St Mary’s had a 4:00 mass, which was nice.
Sunday, August 12
We spent the day finishing up projects and putting things away.  Dave had to move a lot of things to get to the area he needed to install the transformer.  I cleaned the forward head and the galley.
Dave was checking the engine before we left today.  He found a pile of salt under the raw water pump for the Yanmar engine.  That means salt water has leaked in but evaporated leaving the salt.  He opened it up, but didn’t find any water inside.  He’s thinking he might replace the pump.   And we started to wonder if this was the source of the leak.
About 3:00 we moved the boat to Wickford Marina.  It was about 15 nm across Narragansett Bay and around an island.  The owner, Paul, and a couple other people helped get us into our slip.  Dave checked the engine compartment right away after docking.  It was dry under the raw water pump, but some water was in the area of the cracks he found earlier.  So the mystery is still there.  We had a little Gin to celebrate our accomplishments along with an awesome green curry chicken dinner prepared by me.  
view of the BBQ deck  and hot tub from our boat
Monday, August13
We shocked our forward water tank today.  The water from that tank has been tasting strange.  And we had some “gunk” come through the faucets shortly after we left Brunswick.  We didn’t use that tank for 11 months.  Dave researched how much bleach to use for the size of the tank.  We ran it through each faucet, too.  Then we let them sit for over an hour.  Then we had to run 90 gallons of water out and refill it.  
Dave cleaned the deck and the cockpit.  I cleaned the aft head and the floors.  And spent a lot of time on the computer typing up this blog.
We had to get under our bed at the bow to get our bedding for Dave’s mom.  I lined up our rental car pick up for tomorrow to pick her up in Boston.  Can’t believe she’ll be here tomorrow. 

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