Thursday, February 16, 2017

Januray 31, 2017 Mahi on the way to Black Point, Exumas

We left early today for the Exumas.  We had a beautiful sunrise to send us off.  On days like this, we’ll take off with coffee in thermos type glasses.  Then I make breakfast while we are under way.  We have Sistema bowls and cups that have locking lids.  It makes it much easier to carry food into the cockpit when the boat is moving.  

We were able to use our spinnaker sail today.  You have to have light winds and beam or broad reach (wind from the side or towards the back of the boat). 

It was our lucky fishing day.  We caught 2 mahi mahi about 10 miles off shore from the Exumas.  They struck at the same time, so we had our hands full until we had them in and on the floor of the boat.  We wrap them in old towels to calm them until they die.  And it helps keep the blood from spattering.  But we still had a mess to clean up.  The first one was flopping in the towel and heading for the walk through transom.  I think it could smell the water.  Luckily, I grabbed him in time. 

We arrived at Black Point about 5:00.  There is a big bay here to anchor in.  We were here last year in May with fewer boats.  There were about 30 boats here this year.  Dave cleaned the mahi on our swim platform.  Then we had a fantastic mahi dinner.  We still had 3 packages  of filets to freeze.

beautiful send off this morning

sock to cover the spinnaker was stuck on a side stay.  surprised he hasn't gone overboard

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