Friday, February 17, 2017

February 10, 2017 Lee Stocking Island Birthday celebration

Since it was another windy day, we decided to just stay put and have a lazy day.  Besides, it was my birthday!!

 Dave made french toast for breakfast.  Then I finished a novel in cockpit with coffee.  I let Dave take over the galley.  He was trying a new recipe for my birthday dinner.  He started the recipe and then placed the pork in our Wonderbag.  He made Bahama Mama Pork Chops that were delicious.  They had pineapple and raisons.  I made great buns the from pretzel recipe.  Since we liked the way they turned out, we decided to make 2 loaves with that recipe.  They weren’t as good, so we’ll go back to our basic recipe for bread.  We added squash and a salad to meal.  Instead of cake, we had vanilla pudding with the remaining pineapple from the pork recipe.  To top off the evening, Dave played a game of Triominos with me.
Dave wanted me to cook the squash so he didn't have those boobs staring at him

buns with pretzel recipe

almost forgot to take a picture of the Bahama Mama Pork

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