Monday, February 13, 2017

January 27, 2017 Change of Plans

We were expecting another cold front to hit by Monday, bringing strong winds again.  We knew we only had a few days here before we would need to be in an area with better wind protection.  We wanted to fish the Bridge again on the way back to Eleuthera.  We thought we would spend one night at the south east tip of Eleuthera and check out the fishing in that area on Saturday.  Then we would sail to the Exumas on Sunday ahead of the storm.
We had a nice sail to the south east tip of Eleuthera.  I’m sure there were lots of people on the new cruise ship that took our picture as we sailed away.

When we arrived at Eleuthera, we didn’t want to spend another night rocking and rolling since the wind was stronger than predicted.  We looked at our options of continuing on to the Exumas or going back to Rock Sound.  It could possibly be dark by the time we reached the Exumas, so we decided on Rock Sound.  Besides, we needed to refill propane there, not sure what was available in the upper Exumas.  We made it there by sunset and had a very peaceful night to catch up on our sleep.

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