Monday, February 13, 2017

January 22, 2017 Rock Sound St Ann's Catholic Church

The wind hadn’t picked up too bad this morning.  So I let Dave sleep in and took the dinghy to town by myself to go to church.  It can get crazy getting from the dinghy to the dock when the wind picks up.  It was nice being back at this church again.  I love how they ring the bell about 10 minutes before church and again right before mass at 9:00am.  They had a nice welcome for me at the end of mass.  And I visited with a few of the locals after mass.  It felt like home. 

After I returned to the boat, we moved to west side of the bay for better wind protection.  We are expecting gale force winds on Monday.

A couple from the next closest boat came by to meet us.  De and Mike were from Maine.  They said most of the boats on this side of the bay were going to monitor channel 71 tonight and during the storm tomorrow in case anyone needed help.  And Rich, on another boat, wants to organize a bonfire on the beach on Tuesday as a “surviving the storm” party.  That was the same Rich we knew and had spent time with in the past few weeks. 

Before going to bed, the winds were picking up.  We noticed a small sailboat was now anchored between us and Mike and De.  It sure bounced around more than the 40+ foot boats. 

our boat from the dock.  red barrels are for public trash

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