Sunday, February 19, 2017

February 17, 2017 Boat day in Clarence Town, Long Island

We planned to leave for the Crooked and Acklins islands today, but Dave had a rough night.  He thinks he was sick from eating raw mahi while cleaning it.  His digestive tract was affected, but he also felt achy and tired, like the flu.  So we decided to stay put for at least another day. 

Dave slept most of the day and I was able to use a free wifi from shore.  We have a wifi booster that lets us connect to open wifi in the area.  It was great to get my blog caught up.  And we made some contacts through the internet.  We can talk to people through Facebook Messenger or through the application called Hangouts.  That lets us call US and Canadian phone numbers for free.

One of our neighbors stopped by to visit.  He and his wife spend about a month here every winter on their trawler.  They had been to the Crookeds and Acklins, so I got out our Explorer Chart, and he showed me places he would recommend anchoring and visiting.  He also recommended Mayaguana.   
Dave's not big on salads, so I made my self a big one while he was sleeping

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