Tuesday, April 12, 2016

March 31, 2016 laundry day on Cat Island

Dave got up early and moved the bread dough to the pans.  They were baking by the time I got up.  Smelled great!  BUT, they didn’t rise.  We think the water may have been too warm for the yeast.  Boy, I can’t even heat water right!  Dave will eat all of my mistakes.  Bless his heart.  I’ll get it down one of these times.

We decided to do some laundry today.  There was a nice steady breeze to dry the clothes.
Dave was hanging the clothes when I heard “man overboard”!  I knew it couldn’t be him, so it must have been one of the clothes pins that cost $1 each.  He was able to catch the floating plastic one with a fish net. 

Later I was outside and heard clips hit the deck and yelled “man overboard”!  I went forward and found a sheet barely hanging onto the line.  We lost a metal clip and one or two plastic ones.  So we hopped in the dinghy to look for the plastic ones floating away, but never found them.  We plan to clean the hull tomorrow, so we’ll look for the metal one below the boat then. 
we read that the locals burn land to clear it to plant again.  we were worried about the smoke getting to our laundry

We had a head of cabbage going bad, so Dave made a “cabbage roll” casserole.  I had read that cabbage keeps a long time on boats and it would be good to have on board.  I guess we didn’t cook with cabbage much at home, so we haven’t come up with any great recipes that make us want to eat it.  Cheryl had brought one aboard, too.  We used that in a Chinese Tom Yum soup.  We enjoy eating coleslaw in restaurants, but don’t think to make it ourselves.  So any good cabbage recipes would be appreciated. 

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