Friday, April 8, 2016

March 23, 2016 Boat chores

 This morning, Cheryl showed me how she makes biscuits using Bisquick or a similar product.  Dave made sausage gravy to go with them.  Yum Yum!

Cheryl spent some time researching flights from Eleuthera to Marsh Harbor.  And I spent some time cleaning the boat.  The v-berth was being overgrown with mildew!  I noticed it starting about March 1, but left town, then had Cheryl move aboard.  I couldn’t wait one more day!  i got out my ZEP mildew cleaner.  The last time I used it, my eyes burned that evening.  So today, I put on goggles, gloves and a mask and it went just fine.  Nice to have that done. 

Dave took jerry cans to shore for fuel.  We gave him a list of things to check on.  Post office hours-they were open 9-5, but closed this Friday for Easter.   Taxi for the airport-he got the name of a taxi driver from the gas station. 

We had him look for some boxes for Cheryl to ship some things back to the states.  He found a couple boxes at a grocery store.  He checked them over and gave them a couple shakes.  But as he was walking back to the boat, a cockroach climbed down his arm.  He said it was probably a pretty funny site with him carrying fuel jugs and throwing the boxes in the air.  Needless to say, he threw them away.  We have been told forever that cockroaches lay eggs in the cardboard.  And there was living proof.

Cheryl talked to the guy in the Abacos with the catamaran again and they decided to connect through the “work to stay” deal.  He just wanted another person on board to help him raise and lower sails, anchor, and watch for rocks and coral heads in the shallow waters.  His 44 foot catamaran sounds really nice.  Cheryl will get spoiled on that boat.  It even has electric pumps for the head!

Tonight, I reviewed the Exumas Islands with Cheryl.  I just showed her where we had anchored.  And I showed her the places we enjoyed exploring by dinghy and snorkeling.  She felt better getting to know the lay out of the islands.  She also booked her flights.   We also shared a couple Gin & Tonics to celebrate her new adventure and that I finished cleaning the v-berth.  We’re running out of excuses for our happy hours. 

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