Tuesday, April 12, 2016

March 29, 2016 Arthur's Town, Cat Island Bahamas

We spent some time on the internet this morning.  Dave needed to send a few more things to our accountant for taxes.  I did some rearranging, dug some things out of storage, and put other things in storage.  Always a shuffle.

It was too windy for the 2 jobs we had in mind, so about 1:00, we moved the boat north to Arthur’s town.  This is the home of Sidney Poitier.  As we headed north, we could see a squall over the town.  The wind was from the west and moving it across the island.  So Dave figured it would be gone by the time we arrived.  We only had to go about 5nm so we moved right into the squall.  I kept hinting that we could wait and let it pass.  But Dave kept saying “it’s only rain”.  We could see what looked like a tornado or water spout dipping down out of the clouds, but it was further west from us.  So I trusted his judgement and didn’t complain.  It was raining pretty hard when we were ready to anchor.  And it was harder to see the bottom without the sun.  We look for a sandy spot to drop the anchor.  So we waited to anchor by putting the boat in reverse and sat in place against the wind at our stern.

We were able to anchor by 2:00, had lunch on the boat, then went to shore.   I had to mail a letter to South Dakota.  It was a notarized signature telling the state Department of Transportation that I accepted the property changes to my business property in Rapid City.  They are improving the main highway one lot over from my building, but they are also widening the side street to include 1/2 of my property.  The mail boat doesn’t come to Arthur’s town until Thursday.  So I am curious as to how long it will take for this letter to get to SD. 

community play park

community park

the one time Dave wanted to go to church and we couldn't get inside
We stopped at Cocktails by the Sea for a drink.  This was a little beach bar with chairs and picnic tables on a couple decks.  There was an older lady sitting outside.  She told us to help ourselves to anything in the cooler.  Then we sat with her and visited while we had our beer and juice.  She introduced herself as “Grandma” and had lived here all of her life.  She told us about her family and a few other things that we had a hard time understanding.  The bugs kept us from having another drink, but we could have visited with her longer.  Wonderful woman. 
"Grandma" at Cocktails by the Sea
Dave visiting with Grandma

We were the only boat anchored here.  I don’t think very many cruisers visit Cat Island.  We think most are looking for marinas with facilities and places to go out to eat.  We really like the quiet places.  BUT, we did have surge from the open ocean which made our boat rock side to side.  So Dave put out our Magma “rocker stopper”.  It is a device that we hang off of our boom to slow down the motion of the rocking. 
our boat in the distance is the only boat in the harbor

Dave is putting out the "rocker stopper" to help stop the rocking from the surge. can you see my reflection taking the picture?

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