Friday, April 8, 2016

March 14, 2016 Change of plans with new crew

Dave listened to Chris Parker’s weather this morning and even talked to him.  Sounded like it we were going to have very light winds for the next week.  So if we were going to go south, we would probably have to motor to get anywhere.  We are ok with that since we’re ready to move on.  But Ricardo likes to sail and conserve his diesel.  So we went over to their boat with charts this morning to discuss our plans with them.  We wanted to move further south today to position ourselves to leave early on Tuesday for Eleuthera.  They could follow us, or meet up with us later.

We all decided to move to Sandy Cay to snorkel, which was only about an hour away.  When they didn’t follow us, we talked to Cheryl by VHF radio.  To make a long story short, we went back to their boat and helped Cheryl move aboard our boat.  If you know Cheryl, and want more details, you can contact her.  She will regroup on our boat and decide on her next adventure.  We know we will have guests when we get to Georgetown, Exumas in April.  So she will make arrangements to fly somewhere by then, if another option hasn’t presented itself.  We are calling her “rescue crew” like a rescue pet. 

We motored to Little Harbor and anchored by 6:00.  Cheryl and I took the dinghy into Little Harbor. The art gallery we wanted to visit was closed, but we peeked into the windows and saw many of their bronze castings about town.  We checked out the ocean side on a boardwalk that crossed over to the ocean.  We then walked along shore in the harbor looking for parrots that we had heard about on the cruiser’s net.  There was a happy hour gathering of people on the beach.  We talked to the first person we met about the parrots and I recognized his voice.  It was Gordie who gives the Little Harbor weather report on the cruiser’s net.  He said the parrots were probably roosting for the night.  He thought we should come back about 8:00 in the morning and he gave us a few places to look for them. 

We returned to the boat for dinner.  Before we went to bed, Cheryl realized she didn’t have her passport.   We planned to leave for the Eleutheras in the morning.  So before going to bed, she did some checking into where there was an American Consulate in the Bahamas to replace it.

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