Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 6, 2016 Day in Georgetown, Exumas

Dave wanted to “top off” our fuel tank.  Moisture can form in the tank if it isn’t kept full.  He emptied 3 jerry cans of diesel into the tank.  Then we took those cans to shore to fill with fuel.  2 of the cans are showing signs of sun damage.  Over time they will crack and the handle will come right off of the can when you try to lift it.  Now we know why people cover their cans.  We thought it was just decorative.  So in addition to getting fuel, he walked to a hardware store, Top to Bottom, and bought 2 new jerry cans for about $36 each.  He also bought a new zinc for our Genset generator and a “kill switch” for the dinghy.  There have been times that we have been in some rough seas in the dinghy.  So a kill switch makes sense.  We had one, but Dave wanted another one as a spare.  He accidentally tested it by waving to another boater with the hand that had the kill switch attached to his wrist.  It worked. 

I walked to J & K Productions to see if they were still in business and their hours.  They are a small computer and office supply/services business.  You can pay them $5 and have unlimited access to their strong wifi signal all day from 9:00-7:30.  I had a nice visit with Crystal, the owner, and plan to go back later this week (to update this blog!).

Just as I left there, Dave called and said he ran into Niamh, who we met in Hopetown, and she wanted us to join her for lunch.  So I headed back to the dinghy dock.  The first place off of the dinghy dock is an outdoor restaurant called Redboone.  Dave had their conch burger, which is the whole conch tenderized and fried.  Most places mince the conch and make a patty with seasonings.  I had their fish quesadilla, which was great, too. 

Niamh has been crew for a friend of ours that we met last summer in Georgia, Gary Krieger.  She is from Ireland and travels the world thought the Work to Stay program.  That’s how we knew about it for our friend, Cheryl.  We had a great time visiting with her.  Gary has 2 friends visiting this week, so she is staying on shore in the home of “someone who knew someone” while they are gone.  Crazy how that works here.  We made plans to have them join us for dinner on our boat this weekend after their company leaves and before ours arrive. 

We headed back to the boat.  Dave topped off our fuel again and made another trip to shore.  We are anchored by Stocking Island, so it is about a mile across the harbor to Georgetown.  I stayed at the boat and did some cleaning.  Having company does help you get organized and cleaned up.

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