Friday, April 8, 2016

March 12, 2016 Rake and Scrape band at Hopetown Inn and Marina

We spent the morning working on some paperwork printing, signing, scanning, sending via e-mail.  We were able to pick up wifi on the boat from shore.  Then I needed to unpack my suitcase of winter clothes and store them again.  We lifted up the v-berth mattress to put away my winter clothes and the bedding we used for company in February. 

About 2:30, Cheryl, Ricardo and I decided to go to shore.  The Hopetown Inn and Marina was having a special buffet lunch and a “Rake and Scrape” band performing form 12-4.  We didn’t plan to eat there, we just thought it would be fun to check out the music.  Ricardo took the shuttle across the harbor to check out the town.  But Cheryl and I sat back, had a drink and played cribbage.  The Rake and Scrape band mostly lip synced with recorded music.  They danced to the music and added percussion with a saw and a metal tube that looked like a cheese grater.  It was pretty lively and fun to listen to and watch them perform. 

We headed back to the boats about 4:30.  Cheryl made a cheese and broccoli pasta and brought it to our boat.  We grilled chicken and fried wahoo.  I had also made some bars with ingredients given to me by another sailor layered in a glass jar. 

Then we spent some time looking over charts and making short and long term plans for the next couple days and next couple months.  It looks like we’ll be able to do some sailing together. 

Cheryl has been my friend for over 25 years in Rapid City.  We met Ricardo from Brazil this summer and introduced them to each other.  Ricardo wanted a crew member on his boat and she was ready for and adventure.  So here they are!!

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