Saturday, April 6, 2019

March 21, 2019 Work Day on Luck of a Fool

Today was what my great niece and nephew, Claire and Garrett, would call “slave day”.  Dave worked on things outside while Nancy and I cleaned inside.  We cleaned the 6 fans that hang throughout the boat.  They have to be taken down with half cleaned in the sink (Nancy) and half cleaned where the fixture hangs (Mary).  I cleaned several areas in the salon area that I had planned to clean once we were here.  But I didn’t take the time while Alice was here.  Nancy offered to help, but most of involved looking up at the ceiling while the boat was rocking.  Takes awhile to get used to that motion, plus she’s too short.   

Nancy made us a “Tin Can Galley” dinner tonight.  This is where we ask our guests to cook something that is their “go to” dish from things anyone would have in their cupboards.  She made us beef chimichangas that are baked after frying the flour tortilla and assembling with cheese.  Very yummy!

We had a rain shower and then a beautiful rainbow.  We also had great sunset and full moon photo ops.   We had a little party for Nancy’s last night on the boat.

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