Saturday, April 6, 2019

March 22, 2019 Driftwood Cottage

Since Nancy’s flight arrangements overlapped with our next guest’s, Nancy and I decided to get a cottage in Spanish Wells for 3 nights.  That way we could explore the island while Dave did some routine maintenance on the boat.  I also wanted to do some laundry and use the wifi.

Dave took us to Pinder’s Market’s dinghy dock to meet the property manager, Jaime.  She took us by car to the cottage named Driftwood on 18th street about 10 blocks away.  This was a cute 2 bedroom cottage with 2 baths.  After settling in, Nancy and I had lunch at the Anchor Snack Bar.  Nancy had grilled lobster, plantain and Bahamian Mac and cheese.  It came with 2 tails for $28.  (no claws on Bahamian lobster).  Nancy was in heaven.  I enjoyed my grouper. 

We picked up a golf cart for our transportation, $50/day.  We did a little shopping and picked up groceries.  After dropping those things off, we met Dave at the dock again.  He gave me our propane tank to have refilled, our laundry and our garbage.  We dropped off the propane at a home on 17th street that we have used in the past.  You just leave it outside by the garage. They fill it after 5:00, a second job for this guy. 

We went back to the cottage to shower and head out to happy hour and dinner.  I decided to stop right at 5:00 to pick up the propane, in case we didn’t want to interrupt our happy hour.  There was a man filling our tank as I arrived.  He was the father of the regular guy, who was on vacation.  Glad I stopped right away, because he left afterwards. 

Our first stop was at the Shipyard restaurant at the east end of the island.  They added a new bar on the second level.  Our property manager told us about it.  We each had one drink and decided to move on.  We saw Jaime just as we were leaving. 

Next was Wreckers at the Yacht Haven Marina that we went to on Wednesday.  Their happy hour $3 drink was Mango Mystic.  Next was Budda’s for happy hour and dinner, grouper and hamburger.  We caught the after sunset glow on the west end of the island.

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